17 Tea Blends Ispired by Traditional Christmas Desserts

Traditional Christmas desserts

Christmas cakes are not only a delicious part of Christmas festivities, but many have a long tradition too. From traditional mince pies to local Christmas specialties and unique spiced Christmas cookies – these 17 tea blends capture the essence of festive, traditional Christmas desserts from around the world.

17 teas inspired by traditional Christmas desserts

1. Christmas Stollen

Stollen, a traditional German Christmas cake, is made with dried fruits and citruses, spices and marzipan. It's technically a bread, made with yeast and shaped in a loaf, but with rich and sweet cake ingredients. Looking for a liquified sweet and fruity Stollen cake? Christmas Stollen contains absolutely all ingredients a Stollen should have – including marzipan pieces, sultanas, orange, almonds and even small cinnamon sticks.

Price: from 1.55 GBP

Caffeine: yes

Type: black tea blend

 Where to buy: Get Christmas Stollen tea from It's Tea website.

2. Panettone

Italy gave the world many truly amazing food and drinks, including a delicious Christmas cake – Panettone. Panettone is a bread cake with dried fruits and fluffy texture that can be eaten as a dessert, but tastes just as great for breakfast, too. Panettone Cake tea is blended with black tea, orange and lemon citrus peel, raisins, vanilla and calendula petals and can be enjoyed with or without .   

Price: from 7.00 CAD

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Panettone Cake tea from Dessert by Deb website. (Seasonal tea)

3. Pepperkake Traditional Cookies

Inspired by simple yet delicious Norwegian ginger biscuits, Santa's Baby or Pepperkake contains all the ingredients to warm and cheer you up. Pepperkake or pepper cookies are traditional Christmas desserts from Norway with pepper, ginger, clover and cinnamon. This blend doesn't contain caffeine, which makes it perfect for late night sipping covered up in a blanket.

Price: from 3.19 GBP

Caffeine: no

Type: rooibos tea blend

 Where to buy: Get Pepperkake Rooibos Tea from Tea and the Gang website.

4. Christmas Pud

Christmas without a Christmas Pudding? It's never going to happen. This traditional British Christmas dessert is as unique as it gets – it's made with dried fruits, alcohol, spices and butter (or suet), steamed for hours, matured, steamed again and flamed up before serving. You don't need to do any of that with Christmas Pud tea. Simply boil the water, steep and enjoy. This fruity and spicy tea is blended with , cinnamon and fruits.

Price: from 4.00 GBP

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Caffeine: Yes

Type: green tea blend

Where to get: Get Christmas Pud from Twist Teas website.

5. Figgy Pudding

You don't need to be English to know about Figgy Pudding. “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” Christmas Carol gave a word-wide recognition to this traditional Christmas dessert. While Figgy pudding is simply just another name for Christmas pudding, Figgy Pudding black tea blend from Capital Teas contains actual fig pieces too, and sour and acerola cherries.  

Price: from 14.95 USD

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

 Where to buy: Get Figgy Pudding from Capital Teas website.

6. Mince Pie

Figgy and Christmas puddings may be world-known traditional Christmas desserts, but it's mince pies that are the first visible, edible sign of Christmas. These sweet small cakes with a buttery crust are filled with mincemeat, which is a mixture of apples, citruses, raisins a similar fruits and spices. Mince Pie Christmas cake tea contains Ceylon black tea, spices and citruses and fig oil to offer the same feeling, but guilt-free.  

Price: from 2.50 GBP

Caffeine: yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Mince Pie from Suki Tea website.

Mince pies and tea
© All That Tea

7. Salted Caramel Lebkuchen

Ginger is one of the most popular winter spices, and certainly one of the most popular Christmas cookie spices in the world. Lebkuchen is a Germany type of spiced cookie with honey and a special mixture of Lebkuchen spices. Add some salted caramel and here it is – Salted Caramel Lebkuchen, a black tea blend inspired by a German favourite holiday cookie.

Price: from 6.35 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Salted Caramel Lebkuchen from Bird & Blend website.

8. Yule Log

Without signature decorations, Yule Log or Bûche de Noël may look like a random chocolate roulade, but this French Christmas cake has a long tradition. Yule Log is a chocolate sponge cake with cream cheese filling and chocolate frosting. It can be made with different ingredients too – for example raspberries, that taste delicious with a cream cheese filling. This Yule Log Christmas cake tea is blended with Ceylon black tea, freeze-dried raspberries and cocoa husks and nibs to offer a chocolaty deep and sweet liquid treat.

Price: from 4.75 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Yule Log from Biscuit & Brew Tea House website.

9. Fruit Cake

Somewhere between Christmas Stollen and Panettone lies the Fruit Cake, one more festive treat. Fruit cake is a rich cake made with dried fruits too, but unlike Stollen, it comes in different shapes, doesn't need to be coated with sugar, and it's richer than Panettone. This Fruit Cake blend is as rich as a real cake. It's blended with black and , spices, citruses and other fruits, vanilla, and even carrots, sea salt, rose petals and maple.

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Price: from 4.00 USD

Caffeine: yes

Type: black and oolong tea blend

Where to buy: Get Fruit Cake tea from Subrosa Tea website.

10. Panforte

Panforte is another traditional Italian Christmas cake, made with dried fruits, nuts, spices and honey. This rich and festive cake comes from Siena. It may be less famous than Panettone, but it's as festive and deliciously chewy. Panforte di Siena Christmas tea blend is made with white and green tea, and lots of candied fruits and nuts.

Price: from 2.95 EUR

Caffeine: yes

Type: white and green tea blend

Where to buy: Get Panforte di Siena from Schnorr website.

11. Turron

Spain is famous for its delicious nougat sweets. Turron is a type of Spanish Christmas brittle that's actually available all-year round. This Christmas treat is usually made with nuts, egg whites, sugar and honey. Turron may contain other ingredients too, including chocolate and spices. This Sweet Turron fruity tea blend comes from a Spanish Tea Shop, it's made with cinnamon and almonds and it's caffeine-free.

Price: from 9.95 EUR

Caffeine: no

Type: fruity tea blend

Where to buy: Get Sweet Turron from Tea Shop website.

12. Gingerbread Man

Cheerful and fun gingerbread men are an all-time classic. These spicy cookies originate from England and are commonly decorated with colourful icing. A Christmas teatime too, wouldn't be complete without a gingerbread man tea. This blend from contains both black and green tea, all the spices, oranges, cocoa and bourbon vanilla.

Price: from 2.99 GBP

Caffeine: yes

Type: black and green tea blend

Where to buy: Get Gingerbread Man tea from The Tea Crew website.

Gingerbread man
© All That Tea

13. Speculoos

This gently spiced aromatic crunchy cookies are traditional holiday treats in the Netherlands and Belgium. They are crunchier and gentler than gingerbread cookies, but highly aromatic and sweet. Speculoos tea blend contains Ceylon black tea, almonds and speculoos spices, to offer the same holiday flavour, only liquified.

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Price: from 5.30 EUR

Caffeine: yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Speculoos tea from Mi Gusto website.

14. Marzipan Cookies

Marzipan is a traditional European festive ingredient and an ingredient in many traditional Christmas desserts. But marzipan cookies take the almond flavour a step further. Not only do they contain marzipan, but may contain many other different ingredients too, including chocolate, spices and fruits. Marzipan Cookies from Amoda Tea is blended with red rooibos, papaya, pear, spices, and almonds, to offer a festive cookie flavour that goes well with milk too.

Price: 22.00 CAD

Caffeine: no

Type: red rooibos tea blend

Where to buy: Get Marzipan Cookies from Amoda Tea.

15. Frosted Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake is an any-season classic, but warming spices and delicious cream cheese frosting make this cake a perfect festive Christmas treat too. Sprinkled with sugared snowmen and carrot candy sprinkles, Frosted Carrot Cake tea blend from Sisters Tea Company is a truly festive holiday tea without a doubt. It's a truly unique blend of sweet herbal honey bush tea, green rooibos, white chocolate bits, raisins, carrots and cinnamon.  

Price: from 3.00 USD

Caffeine: no

Type: green rooibos and honey bush tea

Where to buy: Get Frosted Carrot Cake from Sisters Tea Company website.

16. Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum treats are made with dried fruits, spices such as cinnamon, and sugar. This treat may sound simple, but it's both uniquely festive and delicious. Sugar Plum Fairy tea blend was inspired not only by these sweet treats, but by a Nutcracker ballet too, and blended in collaboration with the Scottish Ballet.

Price: from 3.75 GBP

Caffeine: yes

Type: green tea blend

Where to buy: Get Sugar Plum Fairy from Eteaket website.

17. Chocolate Fudge Cake

When talking about traditional Christmas desserts, it's impossible not to mention fudge. Every year Christmas markets tempt with both classic and unusual fudge flavours. While fudge is hard to resist even in its simplest form when made of sugar, butter and milk, a Chocolate Fudge Cake is a true festive treat. A tea blend inspired by this cake is rich too, and blended with Ceylon black tea, cocoa nibs and cocoa shells, and liquorice.

Price: from 3.00 GBP

Caffeine: yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Chocolate Fudge Cake from Rosie Lea Tea website.

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