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Tealyra coconut matcha tea

Coconut and make for a delicious pair. Coconut and ? Even better! Coconut matcha pre-mix from is a Japanese matcha blend, pre-sweetened and created for fuss-free preparation.

What's in Coconut Matcha Pre-Mix?

Coconut matcha pre-mix is a matcha tea with natural coconut flavouring and cane sugar. In fact, it contains a lot of sugar – 75% of this pre-mix is cane sugar, and 25% is organic Japanese matcha. That is perhaps one of the highest amounts of sugar in a pre-made matcha mix on the western market. This means, if you are using one teaspoon of mix per cup of water, you'll be drinking 3 grams of sugar. Which is actually not that much at all – that is, if you like sweet drinks. For comparison, 1 packet of sugar or 1 sugar cube contain 4 grams of sugar each.

coconut matcha pre-mix

This blend contains caffeine too. However, the caffeine content of 1 teaspoon of this blend will b lower than a caffeine content of 1 teaspoon of pure matcha powder. Therefore, it may be a good choice if you want to reduce the caffeine intake.

Coconut matcha pre-mix smells super nice. There are a lot of green matcha notes coming through an intense creamy coconut scent and it smells very sweet. So, what's good about pre-mix blends? They differ slightly from regular matcha powder, as you can use them straight from the pouch, with no need for sifting or extensive whisking. Plus, they usually already contain a sweetener.

pre-mix matcha blend

make this tea?

The best way to make this tea is using hot water to dissolve it, then topping it up with cold water and serving with ice. This, however, doesn't mean you can't drink it hot. But when made with hot water, it will be a VERY sweet drink. For some tea drinkers, this may be just too much sweetness.  

This matcha is not suitable for whisking because of a high sugar content, so it's better to use an electric frother instead or simply shake it in a water bottle.

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To make a cup of coconut matcha, use ½-1 teaspoon of powder and mix it with hot water at 80 degrees Celsius. To make matcha tea, use ½-1 teaspoon of tea powder, add 50-70 ml water and top up with cold milk or steamed and frothed milk.

We tried both and the best way is by far to drink it with milk:

  • with frothed and steamed milk served as hot latte or plus ice as latte
  • topped with cold milk and served with ice as iced matcha

Milk will reduce sweetness significantly, and it will feel like a completely different tea, leaving only coconut and matcha to dominate the blend.

It's one of those teas you need to treat as a dessert, especially if you are using 2 rather than 1 teaspoon of pre-mix. Because the sugar content is so high, it may not be a suitable replacement for a pure matcha powder, especially if you love the pure unsweetened flavour of matcha.

iced coconut matcha

Who may like this tea? If you prefer very sweet drinks, this is a tea for you. However, it's not suitable for tea drinkers that want to drink matcha traditionally. It's great for making lattes or iced milk teas. As a dessert blend served with milk and/or ice, it tastes delicious. It's perfect for and summer garden tea parties, or even as an after-gym drink.

pre-mix tea tealyra

Coconut Matcha Tea Recap

Water or milk? Water or milk

Day or night? Day

Hot or iced? Hot or cold

Sweetened or pure? Pure as it already contains sugar

Caffeine? Yes

What's the price? £6.91 on Tealyra website (100 grams pouch)

Where to buy? Get it from Tealyra website

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