Finlandia Tea – The Ultimate Blueberry Tea

Finnish blueberry tea

Finland is not only the home of Santa and Moomins but also a home to the wide range of amazing berries – from blueberries and cloudberries to lingonberries and buckthorn berries. It's impossible to visit Finland and not encounter a product or a dish made with berries. Blueberries are among the most popular and most widely used, so it's no surprise they are the key ingredient in Finlandia Tea too – a blend inspired by Finnish nature.  

What is Finlandia Tea?

Finlandia tea or Suomi Tee from is a blend with Finnish blueberries and natural blueberry flavour, sprinkled with white and blue cornflower petals. Suomi means Finland in Finnish, so the Suomi Tee is a Finnish Tea. This tea is very simple, yet highly aromatic. It has a wonderful, deep and sweet blueberry scent and a deeper, brisk black tea base. If you love blueberries, this blend may make all your blueberry tea dreams come true. Finlandia Tea is highly aromatic, fresh and filled with blueberry scent. What's so special about Finnish berries, and that includes blueberries too, is that they are wild-grown in forests, and they certainly won't be lacking in flavour.

Suomi blueberry tea
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How does this blueberry tea taste?

Fruity black tea blends usually taste amazing both hot and cold. When served hot, this tea is bright, light and medium bodied, with deep berry notes and very light sweetness. When served , it has a brisker light flavour with light natural sweetness and a lot of natural freshness. Blueberry notes are present both when drinking and as an aftertaste, which is stronger when this tea is cold.

To make the most flavourful , use double the amount of tea leaves and steep in freshly boiled water for 5 minutes. This tea is not astringent, so it's great with no condiments but goes really well with honey too.

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Finlandia tea
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Finlandia Tea is perfect for tea drinkers that like berry flavoured black teas but want more naturally tasting teas bursting with flavour and for those that enjoy black tea blends where the flavour of the tea is still highly present. Available in traditional tea bags and as loose tea.

Tea Recap

Water or ? Water

Day or night? Day

Caffeine? Yes

Hot or iced? Hot or iced

Sweetened or pure? Pure or sweetened.

What's the price? 5.29 EUR

Where to buy? Get Finlandia Tea from Nordqvist website.


Finlandia Blueberry Tea
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