Tea vs Tea

Cold brew vs hot brew tea

Cold Brew vs Hot Brew Tea – Which is Better?

Over the last couple of years, cold brewing gained lots of attention from both tea drinkers and scientists. What was once considered the ultimate brewing method to extract the most nutrients and…

How to make iced matcha

How to Make Iced Matcha: Cold vs Hot Water – Tested

Want to know how to make iced matcha tea that tastes absolutely delicious? We tested two ways – using cold and hot water to demystify which one tastes better. After all, every…

Decaf vs Caffeine free teas

Decaf vs Caffeine Free Teas

Do you want to reduce caffeine intake or avoid it completely? Feeling a bit lost on which teas to choose? Should you stick to caffeine-free teas? Or do decaf teas sound like…

Chai tea vs chai latte

Chai Tea vs Chai Latte

Chai tea, chai latte, chai, masala chai, chai tea latte or chai milk tea, are some names that are used to describe flavourful spiced Indian tea. Do they all mean the same…

Tea vs tisane

Tea vs Tisane

For tea drinkers, anything that’s infused in water is called tea, right? But technically, not all teas are “tea”. Some are tisanes. The most mentioned distinction is that all teas contain caffeine,…