Banana Shake – Banana Flavoured Herbal Tea

Banana Shake herbal rooibos tea

Red rooibos is the most popular herbal base for creating flavoured blends. That doesn't really come as a surprise. Red rooibos has a deep colour and rich flavour that goes well with almost any ingredient, contains no caffeine and has absolutely no bitterness. Banana Shake is all that and more.

Banana Shake tea

What's in Banana Shake tea?

Banana Shake is an herbal tea blend from , a tea company that's all about flavours, quality and personality. Twist Teas has a whole range of intriguing blends (see Beetroot Acai Matcha and Choffee Mint), and, also important, an exceptional customer support. Twist Teas blends are available as loose tea and in pyramid corn silk bags, each containing 2.5 grams of tea. are big enough to allow tea to fully expand, so you can enjoy the same flavour as when brewing loose tea.  

banan shake tea bag

Banana Shake, an award-winning herbal blend, contains only a few natural ingredients – red , freeze-dried banana, sunflower petals and natural flavouring. It has a deep intense banana scent with deep and sweet notes of red rooibos tea. It smells very inviting. This is undoubtedly a red rooibos blend but crafted in a way to respect both key ingredients, with a personality of a .

How to make this tea?

brewing tea

What's great about rooibos (and most rooibos blends) is that it's very easy to brew. It's one of the most forgiving teas out there. Even if you are new to tea brewing, with rooibos you'll always get the best flavour no matter how you brew it. Bring fresh water to a boil and steep 1 tea bag in a cup of water for 5-10 minutes. Even if you steep it longer, it won't become bitter.

banana shake tea - Twist Teas

Banana nots are light, but present in the scent, flavour and ever as an aftertaste. While this is predominantly a red rooibos tea, it's definitely a , too. It feels very natural, very pleasant and easy to drink. Although you can drink it with no condiments, to get that proper banana shake experience, prepare it either as a latte, or add 10-20 ml of single cream or full cream .

rooibos tea with milk

Milk will mellow out the rooibos notes and bring out the milky banana shake flavour. This tea is light, and it doesn't need any sweeteners as it's naturally slightly sweet. However, if you do need a sweetener, light honey or regular white sugar are a good choice.

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Banana Shake is great tea for afternoon me-time and soothing evening caffeine-free lattes. You'll like it if you love red rooibos blends, even if you don't like pure red rooibos tea. You'll also enjoy it if you love bananas. It's a light, but very tasty blend, and suitable for tea lovers that don't like heavily flavoured teas.

Tea Recap

Water or milk? Water or milk

Day or night? Day or night

Hot or iced? Hot or cold

Sweetened or pure? Pure or sweetened.

Caffeine? No

What's the price? From £5.00 (different options available)

Where to buy? Get it from Twist Teas website.

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