Tea Time Just Got Sweeter: 6 Ways to Make Chocolate Tea

chocolate tea

Are you a tea lover with a sweet tooth? Or a chocolate fanatic looking for new ways to indulge? Look no further because we have the perfect solution: chocolate infused tea. Although tea and chocolate may seem like an unmatchable pair, they actually taste divine together. So, how to make ? There's more than just one way to do it.

1. Melt the chocolate in tea

The easiest way to add chocolate to your tea is to melt it directly in a cup of hot tea. It's a simple and easy way to infuse your tea with a burst of chocolaty goodness. All you need is your favourite and a few pieces of your favourite chocolate. Once you've brewed your tea, drop a few pieces of chocolate into your cup and let them melt. Cover your tea while steeping to prevent the temperature loss. Stir to create a smooth and creamy texture. Always add chocolate when the tea is still hot, but once you've taken out the tea bag or tea infused. Use approximately 10-20 grams of chocolate, depending on how rich you want the flavour to be.

This method works great with , white or dark chocolate. Use it with malty and strong black tea such as breakfast blends with a splash of milk. You can also add a sprinkle of cinnamon to your chocolate infusion for an extra kick of flavour. Do not use lighter teas as they will get lost when blended with chocolate.

Chocolate flavour strength: 4-5

tea with milk

2. Make a chocolate tea blend

When making a chocolate blend, start by choosing a high-quality loose leaf tea as your base. Black tea or rooibos will both work well, as they have bold flavours that can stand up to the chocolate. Dark roasted oolong teas, dark roast hojicha or even pu'erh teas are a wonderful choice too. Then, select a chocolate that complements the tea. Dark chocolate pairs well with black tea, while milk chocolate is a nice match for rooibos. Choose small chocolate drops or grate regular chocolate yourself. Then mix it with tea leaves in 1:1 or 1:2 ratios.

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The advantage of this method is that you can store your blend for future use and even give it as a gift. It's also good for using lighter teas, even green teas with white chocolate. However, chocolate may not melt fully, and the amount you will be using per cup of tea will be significantly lower than in the first method.

Chocolate flavour strength: 2-3

3. Add cocoa nibs and cocoa husks to tea leaves

If you want a delicious chocolate tea blend but don't want the additional calories, try adding cocoa nibs and cocoa husks instead. They will give a delightful scent and flavour to your tea, without adding extra calories. Cocoa nibs are the broken pieces of the cocoa bean, while cocoa husks are the outer layer of the bean that's removed during processing. They both have a unique and complex flavour profile that pairs perfectly with tea. Try it with black or dark or herbal red rooibos tisane. As the flavour will be lighter, you can use some lighter green and white teas too, for example, gong mei .

Chocolate flavour strength: 2

4. Add cocoa powder to tea

If you want a truly creamy and indulgent cup of tea, nothing beats a tea latte. Adding cocoa powder to your latte not only gives it a rich and velvety texture but also a bold chocolate. Here's how to make a delicious cocoa latte at home:

Brew your favourite cup of strong black or red . Add ½ to 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder and a sweetener to your tea and stir. Add milk into a separate saucepan and bring it to a simmer over low heat while continuously whisking with an electric hand frother. Pour steamed milk into tea, stir well and top up with milk froth.

Use only strong and bold teas that are suitable for lattes and always use 1 ½ to 2 teaspoons of tea leaves.

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Chocolate flavour strength: 3

tea and cocoa

5. Make a tea mocha

Another similar way to make chocolate tea drink is by adding a chocolate syrup. Tea mocha is a strong tea served with milk with a layer of chocolate syrup on the bottom. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? This tea is perfect for afternoon tea times and any time you need a sweet dessert without too much effort.

The difference between this method and the method number four is that mocha is typically served as a layer of chocolate syrup on the bottom while in the previous method, cocoa powder is simply mixed into the drink.

Learn how to make a tea mocha here.

Chocolate flavour strength: 3-4

tea mocha

6. Use chocolate flavouring extracts

The last and easiest way to make chocolate tea drink at home is to use chocolate extracts. Chocolate extracts are not as common as, for example, vanilla or almond extracts, but they can for sure come in handy. You can use chocolate extracts in two ways:

  • By mixing it with dry leaves – this will give a weaker flavour.
  • By adding it directly to your tea – this will give a stronger flavour.

The first method is suitable for many teas, even gentler black teas, roasted oolongs, even some green teas. You don't need to add milk. The second method is more suitable for stronger teas and especially when you are using milk. Flavour extracts are quite strong, so start by using only a few drops. Just a few can transform your regular tea into a decadent drink, perfect for satisfying chocolate cravings.

Some flavour extract already contains a calorie-free sweetener, while offering a true indulgent chocolate flavour.

Chocolate flavour strength when blending extract with dry leaves: 1-2

Chocolate flavour strength when adding extract to brewed teas: 4-5


Chocolate tea recap

Incorporating chocolate into your tea routine can elevate your regular tea breaks into a truly indulgent moment. By using any of these six methods, you can indulge in a luxurious and delicious treat at any time of day. Whether you prefer rich and decadent flavours or lighter and refreshing ones, these chocolate-tea combos are sure to satisfy your cravings. Ready to treat yourself and try it out? Your teatime just got sweeter and more satisfying.

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