How to Make Tea Mocha

tea mocha

Love chocolate? Love tea? Adore lattes? If the answer is yes to all these questions, you will absolutely LOVE tea mocha. How to make tea mocha at home? Here's a simple recipe.

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What is mocha?

Mocha or coffee mocha is a type of coffee made with a shot of espresso, steamed and chocolate syrup. Unlike , mocha is often served with whipped cream, rather than milk froth. If you like drinking lattes and you love chocolate, then this is a drink for you. The same is true for the tea mocha. It's as tasty and as indulging and super easy to make.  

What is tea mocha?

There's nothing unusual about tea lattes. They became a standard item on menus of many coffee shops and often include teas such as , masala or (popular as London fog). But tea mocha isn't one of them just yet. You are unlikely to see it on any coffee shop menu, and hence a reason more to try it at home. Besides, it tastes great. To make this delicious drink, you'll need a strong tea, milk, water, whipped cream (optional) and chocolate syrup. To make a chocolate syrup you'll need 3 ingredients, and you can even experiment with adding different flavourings.

How to make chocolate syrup?

To make the simplest chocolate syrup, use the same ratio of water, sugar and cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. Sift the cocoa powder into a clean saucepan, add sugar, a pinch of sat and water and simmer on low heat while continuously stirring. You can use your chocolate syrup immediately or store it in the fridge. To make a delicious tea mocha, you'll need about 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup per serving.

What tea is the best for making tea mocha?

Not all teas will be good for making this tea based drink. The first rule when choosing the right tea is to think is it suitable for drinking with milk. The next rule is to choose teas that go well with chocolate flavour, without citrusy or strong fruity notes.

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Teas that are good for making tea mocha:

  • Strong Indian
  • Chinese Keemun
  • Japanese dark roast hojicha
  • Dark roast oolong teas
  • Kenyan black teas
  • Some Darjeeling second flush teas
  • Flavoured coconut black teas
  • Masala chai blends
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Regarding of the type, each tea will be different and have a slightly different flavour profile, so it's worth trying it out with milk first.

Is mocha tea the same as matcha tea?

No, these are two different things. Matcha tea is a special type of powdered green tea from Japan, and it has nothing to do with mocha tea. Mocha tea will always contain chocolate syrup and it's a type of drink, not a type of tea. 

matcha tea with milk
Matcha tea with milk

How to make the best cup of tea mocha?

To make the best cup of tea mocha, not only you need to choose the right tea, but you need the right ratios of ingredients as well. Coffee mocha is made with only one shot of espresso which equals 30 ml or 1 oz of strongly brewed coffee. For a tea mocha, 30 ml of tea will not be enough. Choose approximately 2/3 of tea and 1/3 of steamed milk or ½ of tea and ½ of milk. Always add 2 teaspoons of tea leaves or, if using tea bags, 2 tea bags per serving. This will give a stronger flavour that won't get overpowered by chocolate.

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You don't need a sweetener with this drink, as it will already be quite sweet.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Choose good quality cocoa powder that's not overly bitter.
  • Choose broken tea leaves as they will give a stronger tea.
  • Always dissolve all sugar and make sure there are no lumps by sifting the cocoa powder.
  • This drink tastes best when it's still hot.

Easy Tea Mocha

Luxurious tea drink with milk and chocolate syrup
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Course: Drinks
Keyword: Black Tea, Chocolate,
Servings: 1


  • small saucepan
  • Kettle
  • Serving glass


  • In a small saucepan, heat sugar, cocoa powder and water while stirring, until dissolved. This should take a couple of minutes only.
  • Pour into an airtight jar and store it in the fridge.
  • Bring fresh water to a boil.
  • Steep tea leaves or tea bags in water for 5 minutes and strain or remove teabags.  
  • Steam milk or heat it up in a small saucepan while whisking. Do not let it boil.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup into a serving glass.
  • Add tea and steamed milk.
  • Top up with whipped cream (optional).

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