25 Festive Christmas tea blends to Try This Christmas

Christmas tea blends

Have you found your favourite yet? If you are still searching for that perfect festive blend, these 25 Christmas tea blends are going to set the right mood from the first sip. From spices to fruits, citruses and mistletoe, ingredients in these teas will warm you up, surprise you, bring a smile to your face and make you want Christmas lasts all year long.

25 festive Christmas teas

1. Christmas Greetings

When you think about Christmas, what's the first thing that comes into your mind? Is it the Christmas sweets? Gingerbread men? Or maybe it's spiced drinks? Christmas Greetings tea has it all. It's made with sweet and earthy red rooibos, caramel and brittle pieces, sugar snowflakes, sugar gingerbread men and pink peppercorn, to greet you with the unmistakable Christmas flavours with every sip.

Price: 6.95 GBP

Type: herbal blend

Caffeine: No

Where to buy: Get Christmas Greetings from The Tea House website.

2. Nutcracker Christmas tea

Can you imagine Christmas without a nutcracker and a nutcracker without marzipan? This sweet rooibos blends is made with red , almond pieces, candied papaya and silver sugar sprinkles and sugar stars. It's a pretty and festive marzipan flavoured blend made to set the Christmas mood from the first sip.  

Price: from 4.75 GBP

Type: herbal blend

Caffeine: No

Where to buy: Get Nutcracker from Tips & Leaves website.

3. Christmas Cuppa

For every tea lover, a Christmas cuppa may mean different flavours, but there's one flavour that undeniably says it's Christmas – it's orange. Christmas Cuppa from BRUU is a tea blended with bold Assam tea and aromatic orange and sprinkled with rose petals. Who wouldn't want to wake up to the scent of aromatic sweet oranges?

Price: from 2.95 GBP

Type: blend

Caffeine: Yes

Where to buy: Get Christmas Cuppa from BRUU website.

4. Mulled Wine in Vienna

What would Christmas be without mulled wine? While there are many delicious, mulled wine teas out there, what's super interesting about Mulled Wine in Vienna Christmas tea blend is that it contains mistletoe too. It certainly adds a spark to one of the most popular winter drinks in the world. Other ingredients in this fruity tea are apple pieces, orange pieces, elderberries, hibiscus, rosehip, and spices.

Price: from 3.95 USD

Type: fruit blend

Caffeine: No

Where to buy: Get Mulled Wine in Vienna from Churchill's Fine Teas website.

5. Under the Mistletoe

If standing under the mistletoe is what you're looking forward to the most this holiday season, there's no need to wait. Under the Mistletoe blend contains mistletoe, pine nuts, eucalyptus, and spruce needle oil. Berries and apple pieces accompany these wintery ingredients, to create a very unique, caffeine-free fresh herbal wintery blend.

Price: from 11 USD

Caffeine: No

Type: fruity herbal blend

Where to buy: Get Under the Mistletoe from Umami Tea website.

6. White Christmas

Who doesn't love a white Christmas? There's nothing more magical and peaceful than waking up on Christmas day, looking out the window and seeing the landscape covered in snow. White Christmas tea blend is gentle but wintery too – it contains more delicate , a touch of sugary snowflakes, dried pine needles and a selection of warming spices.

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Price: 4.95 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: white tea blend

Where to buy: Get White Christmas from Rosie Lea Tea website.

7. Red Christmas

No snow doesn't mean no Christmas. Red Christmas blend contains South African red rooibos tea and all the warming and sweet ingredients to get you into the festive mood – apple pieces, almonds, cinnamon, rose and holiday flavourings. It contains no caffeine, which makes it great for late night sipping.

Price: 14.70 USD

Caffeine: No

Type: herbal blend

Where to buy: Get Red Christmas from Chado Tea website.

8. Green Christmas

And yet, Christmas is green too. Think of magical Christmas trees, mistletoe and holly. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without evergreen trees and plants. Green Christmas is blended with grassy bancha green tea, orange rind, safflower and sunflower petals, cardamom and pepper. It's a sweet, fresh and fruity green tea blend with a festive flavour.

Price: 5.90 EUR

Caffeine: Yes

Type: green tea blend

Where to buy: Get Green Christmas from La Via del Te website.

9. Santea Claus

Afternoon Christmas tea parties deserve a special tea blend. This Ceylon black tea blend with fragrant jasmine flowers, cinnamon, cloves, and sugar Christmas trees is colourful and fun – like a proper Christmas tea blend should be. Colourful Christmas trees and a unique combination of spices and jasmine flowers will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.

Price: from 1.75 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Santea Claus from Tips & Leaves website.

10. Silent Night

Silent Night tea is a tea to offer a silent, peaceful night. This blend is made with red rooibos tea, which is naturally caffeine-free, warming spices including cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg and valerian. Both valerian and nutmeg may help promote restful sleep, which makes this blend a perfect choice for a late-night treat. Plus, it contains a pumpkin pie flavouring.

Price: from 10.98 USD

Caffeine: No

Type: blend

Where to buy: Get Silent Night from DAVIDsTEA website.

11. Christmas Flake

Christmas flake is a pretty and festive blend that includes an ingredient quite uncommon in winter holiday teas – coconut. It's blended with Chinese and Ceylon black tea, orange peel, almonds, coconut chips, rose petals and cinnamon. Sounds like a delicious breakfast tea, doesn't it?

Price: from 3.25 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Christmas Flake from Colne Valley Tea Company website.

12. Brewdolph Christmas tea

Brewdolph black tea
© All That Tea

This smooth and delicious tea is spiced with Christmas spices – cinnamon and cloves, Ceylon and Yunnan black tea, orange peel, and two other interesting ingredients – lime leaves and pomegranate flowers. This snowy Christmas tea makes a brilliant choice for festive afternoon tea parties. Available as loose tea and in pyramid .

Brewed and tried – read about it here.

Price: from 5.14 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Brewdolph from Twist Teas website.  


13. Christmas Charm

A part of the Christmas Charm is that it blends all delicious and common ingredients into a tea to get you into the festive mood. This blend is crafted with dried apple chunks, oolong tea, raspberry leaf, white mulberry, blackcurrant leaf, cloves, black elderberries, orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cocoa. Spicy, sweet, zesty and herbal ingredients with an oolong base that sounds incredibly charming.  

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Price: from 3.25 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: oolong tea blend

Where to buy: Get Christmas Charm from Camellia Senses website.

14. Carol Singers Christmas tea

Carol Singers is a black tea blend with holiday spices – cinnamon and star anis, orange and chocolate chips for more sweetness, creaminess and joy. Blended to make you take a break and simply enjoy the moment by yourself or with your loved ones.

Price: from 1.54 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Carol Singers from It's Tea website.

15. Christmas Star

It's not only the oranges that are related to Christmas. Christmas star is blended with green tea, apple pieces, cardamom, aniseed, star anise, cloves and sugar stars. But this unique blend contains two more ingredients – cooling peppermint and mandarin, a small, sweet, delicious winter citrus fruit. If you want a zesty fruit, that's not orange, mandarin is a splendid choice.

Price: from 1.55 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: green tea blend

Where to buy: Get Christmas Star from It's Tea website.

16. Sleigh Ride Christmas tea

To blend a proper Sleigh Ride tea, you absolutely need to make it fun. And that's exactly what DAVIDsTEA did – blended a fun and unique Christmas tea blend with no caffeine and lots of interesting ingredients. This Christmas tea blend contains popped rice, beetroot, hibiscus, candied fruits, roasted almonds, cinnamon, raisins and even coconut. A perfect tea for warming up after an afternoon sleighing.

Price: from 8.98 USD

Caffeine: No

Type: fruity tea blend

Where to buy: Get Sleigh Ride from DAVIDsTEA website.  

17. Elf Help Christmas tea

Elf Help is a tea blended for Santa's Elves, to keep them happy and smile while making sure all presents will be wrapped and ready in time. Fruitcake inspired flavour in a blend made with sencha green tea, black currants, orange, papaya, apple, cranberries and coconut. Need more reasons to smile? A liquid fruitcake should do the trick.

Price: from 4.99 USD

Caffeine: Yes

Type: green tea blend

Where to buy: Get Elf Help from DAVIDsTEA website.

18. Christmas Breakfast

Christmas morning for sure deserves a special breakfast blend. This Christmas Breakfast blend is inspired by gingerbread flavours and contains smooth and robust black tea. With sweet and spicy notes, this tea will say it's Christmas first thing in the morning. You can drink it pure or with a splash of , or even make a proper Christmas Breakfast .

Price: 12 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Christmas Breakfast it from T2 website.

19. Santas Milk and Cookies Christmas tea

Santas Milk and Cookies Tea
© All That Tea

If Santa could choose a tea for himself, it would be Santas Milk and Cookies. This black tea blend smells like freshly baked buttery cookies that are truly difficult to resist. It contains three types of flower petals and sumac berries and goes really well with milk, too.

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Brewed and tried – read about it here.

Price: from 4.95 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Santas Milk and Cookies from Yawn Brew website.

20. Candy Cane Christmas tea

Candy canes are a sure sign Christmas is just around the corner. This fun Christmas tea blend is made to bring that festive feeling not only with its flavour, but with its appearance as well. Candy Cane is an adorable black tea blended with cornflowers and lots of sweet candy cane sugar sprinkles.

Price: from 9.00 CAD

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Candy Cane from Tea at the White House website.

21. Panettone Cake Christmas tea

Panettone Cake is one of the most popular Christmas time desserts. This hand crafted liquified version of classic Panettone cake is made with black tea, orange and lemon peel, vanilla and calendula petals. And it even contains raisins. All the Panettone Cake ingredients are there. You only have to brew it and enjoy.

Price: from 7.00 CAD

Caffeine: Yes

Type: black tea

Where to buy: Get Panettone Cake from Dessert by Deb website.

22. Spirit of Christmas

Spirit of Christmas is an unusual blend of green and black tea, pineapple, berries, coconut and flower petals. It contains cranberries, elderberries and cherries, another delicious fruit related to Christmas. This cheerful blend is great for hot and cold brewing, but it also goes well with milk.

Price: from 2.75 USD

Caffeine: Yes

Type: green and black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Spirit of Christmas from Sisters Tea Company.

23. Red Truck Christmas tea

Red Truck Christmas Rooibos is a personal Christmas blend, crafted from childhood memories of getting a Christmas tree. It's as unique as a Christmas blend as it is as a Chai blend. Red Truck is made with red rooibos tea and all the spices chai should have – cardamom, star anise, ginger, pink peppercorns and cinnamon, and a handful of others that give a festive and unique charm including cinnamon imperials, vanilla and rosemary.  

Price: from 4 USD

Caffeine: No

Type: herbal tea blend

Where to buy: Get Red Truck from Sisters Tea Company website.

Christmas tea with milk
© All That Tea

24. Christmas Cheer

With three types of tea, the Christmas Cheer is more than cheerful. It's a fun and unique tea that combines oolong, black and rooibos tea, flower petals, almonds and caramel flavour into a holiday blend that looks exactly like a warm fireplace. All ingredients in this blend go well with milk.

Price: 11.95 USD

Caffeine: Yes

Type: oolong, black and rooibos tea blend

Where to buy: Get Christmas Cheer from Open Door Tea website.

25. Christmas in Love

Christmas in Love is a unique Christmas tea with calming passionflower and lemon verbena, zesty lemon, rose hips, apple and hawthorn, and spicy ginger and cinnamon. It's a caffeine free and festive blend for late night sipping during a holiday season to get relaxed and ready for another cheerful day.

Price: 5.90 EUR

Caffeine: No

Type: fruity herbal tea blend

Where to buy: Get Christmas in Love from La Vie del Te website.


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