White Christmas Tea

White Christmas tea

Many things and traditions make Christmas special and joyous, but it's the Christmas tree that makes it really magical. If you ever wondered if it's okay to steep , the answer is absolutely. Some warming and festive blends already contain pine needles to offer that same magical feeling in a cup. White Christmas tea is one of them.

What is White Christmas tea?

White Christmas comes from , a UK tea shop with many unique blends, including a whole range of teas inspired by literature and desserts. This Christmas tea is unique too. White tea holiday blends are far less common than and blends. What's makes especially great for winter blends is that it can offer an amazing opportunity to bring snowy lightness into a cup.

This festive tea blend really smells like white Christmas. Because of cinnamon chips, orange peel and cloves, at first, this tea may look like a blend of common festive ingredients. But then, there are pine needles and sugar stars, and together with other ingredients, they create a festive blend that gives a feeling of strolling through a pine wood forest covered in snow.

White christmas tea blend
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Pine needles are still not a common ingredient in tea blends. They can be used together with other ingredients or on its own as an .

Clove may be the most prominent scent, but this is not just a typical with cloves. Together with pine needles and white tea, it creates a scent that welcoming, warming and reminding of that feeling you get when you bring a Christmas tree into your home.

How to brew this tea?

White Christmas is a white tea blend, keep the water temperature below 80 degrees Celsius. Step 1-2 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of water at 80-85 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes.

It's a very delicate, but festive blend with no bitterness and a balanced light flavour. None of the ingredients are overpowering, and together they create a gentle warming hug in a cup with very light sweet notes, rather than a heavily spiced tea.

Orange peel is a wonderful ingredient for blends that require lower water temperatures, as it will give delicate notes without overpowering the blend.

This tea is very easy to drink and is best served with no condiments. You can re-steep the same tea leaves, without losing light and festive flavour.

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Christmas tea
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This tea would be great for tea drinkers that love the scent of Christmas trees, spiced teas and more delicate gentler blends.

Tea Recap

Water or ? Water

Day or night? Day

Caffeine? Yes

Hot or Iced? Hot

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or lightly sweetened.

What's the price? 4.94 GBP for 40-grams loose leaf pouch.

Where to buy? Get White Christmas from Rosie Lea Tea website or Rosie Lea Tea Etsy shop. (Seasonal tea)


White Christmas loose leaf tea
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