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Brewdolph black tea

It's almost that time of the year! For tea lovers, a festive season requires proper festive tea blends.  In search of the best , here came Brewdolph — a bright and merry blend from .

What is Brewdolph?

What makes Christmas tea a Christmas tea are spices, berries, nuts and citruses blended with a tea base. By looking at the ingredients, Brewdolph is not just a simple spiced black tea Christmas blend. First, it contains an interesting black tea pair, Ceylon and Yunnan black tea, and some quite uncommon ingredients (at least in tea blends) such as lime leaves and pomegranate flowers. And then, there are classic festive ingredients – cloves, cinnamon, red peppercorns and orange peel. In this blend, a lighter and brighter Ceylon black tea is blended with stronger and maltier chocolaty . Pomegranate flowers can be used for making a pure but are far less common than a pomegranate . Lime leaves are common in savoury dishes and they add a refreshing citrusy flavour. If you're looking for lightness, they are a great alternative to regular citruses.

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With these ingredients, Brewdolph promises lightness, sweetness, freshness, zestiness, and spiciness – all important flavours (and more) a proper Christmas blend should have. This tea is available in different packagings and sizes, including loose leaves in pyramid and regular loose leaves in pouches or caddies.

How to brew Brewdolph tea?

Brewdolph tea has a deep, slightly spicy scent with hints of orange and cinnamon. It's a very easy to brew tea – use one teaspoon of tea leaves or one tea bag per cup of boiling water and steep for 3-5 minutes. Pyramid tea bags are easy to brew and contain loose leaves of the same quality as loose tea in pouches. They are a perfect choice is you want a cheerful office blend to get you into the festive mood at work, too. This blend brews into a warming, sweet, just delicately spicy and very Christmas cuppa. The first thought? It's a beautiful snowy afternoon blend for a cheerful Christmas afternoon tea party. It's a lightly spicy tea, with no bitterness and a buttery mouthfeel. Brewdolph tea tastes great without and it feels like there's an invisible milky ingredient already hiding in the blend. There are orange after notes too, and an incredible lightness and festiveness.

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Brewdolph black tea
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This is a bright and merry blend, rather than a heavily . It's very easy to drink, that would make a perfect festive daily tea too. What would be a great condiment for this tea? A slice of fresh orange would blend really well with all other flavour notes.

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Tea Recap

Water or Milk? Water

Day or night? Day

Hot or ? Hot

Caffeine: Yes

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or lightly sweetened and with a slice of fresh orange

What's the price? Starting from £4.15 for a 50-grams loose leaf refill pouch.

Where to buy? Get Brewdolph from Twist Teas website.


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