13 Coffee and Tea Blends for Tea Drinkers that LOVE Coffee

Coffee and tea blends

You don't need to only be a tea drinker, or only a coffee drinker. You can be both. In fact, with these cool coffee and tea blends, you can even drink them both in the same cup.

What are coffee and tea blends?

Coffee and tea blends are blends that contain Camellia sinensis tea leaves or herbal ingredients and coffee beans, ground coffee or instant coffee. Not only are they unique, but some may also provide a higher caffeine boost than regular tea. Until recently, these two ingredients were considered unmatchable. But today, not only are they becoming widely available, but there are also some truly unique combinations that will prove to you that many ingredients can be matched to create a delicious cuppa, not only coffee and tea.

Top 13 coffee and tea blends to try

is often considered a good replacement for coffee, especially because it's stronger, bolder, and goes well with . But many other teas can go well with milk, and many other teas may contain more caffeine than black tea. These coffee and tea blends are not blended with black tea only – some contain , pu'erh tea, yerba mate or even caffeine-free rooibos and honey bush tea, and one or more types of coffee.

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These 13 coffee and tea blends undoubtedly show just how unique these ingredients can be.

13 coffee and tea blends to try
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1. Coffee Truffle – Tea People

Coffee Truffle from Tea People offers not only a caffeine boost, but a chocolate flavour too. All ingredients in this blend are naturally caffeinated. There's pu'erh tea for earthiness and depth, black tea for lightness and maltiness, cocoa bits for sweetness and creaminess, and coffee beans for an extra dose of caffeine and flavour. Coffee Truffle is a tea for tea, coffee and hot chocolate lovers. Available as loose tea and in pyramid tea bags.

Price: starting from 2.50 GBP for a taster pack

Where to buy: Tea People website, Tea People Amazon store or Tea People eBay store

2. Vanilla Tiramisu Espresso black tea – Bloom Teas

Vanilla Tiramisu tea by Bloom Teas
© All That Tea

If you are looking for a liquefied caffeinated with coffee beans, Vanilla Tiramisu black tea ticks all the boxes. It's creamy, light, and feels like a delicious cocoa dusted Italian dessert. A great blend for office sipping and afternoon tea parties. Available as loose tea in plastic-free pyramid tea bags.

Price: 4.50 GBP for a pouch

Where to buy: Bloom Teas website

Read more about Vanilla Tiramisu Espresso black tea.

3. Caffe – Subrosa Tea

Caffe Latte is a blend that takes its mission very seriously – it contains black tea, yerba mate, chicory, barley and both cocoa and coffee beans. So, what's so exciting about this tea? Not only it blends real caffeinated tea, caffeinated tisane, coffee beans and cocoa that's also naturally caffeinated, it contains chicory and barely, both a caffeine-free coffee alternatives. A blend of contradictions? Maybe, but very exciting, nevertheless. Available as loose tea.

Price: from 4 USD for a 0.5 oz pouch

Where to buy: Subrosa Tea website

4. Central Perk – Monarch Tea House

If you love chocolate, Central Perk blend doesn't include chocolate chips only, it includes GIANT chocolate chips. Plus, there's hazelnut brittle and freeze-dried yogurt granules to add both flavour, sweetness and creaminess to this cocoa, coffee and black tea blend. This certainly is what a creamy latte should be made of.

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Price: starting from 2.49 USD for 0.5 oz

Where to buy: Monarch Tea House website

5. Coffee Lover –

Pu'erh tea and coffee plus chamomile? Blending energy boosting and calming ingredients deserves admiration. This blend has pu'erh tea base, with a naturally earthy and strong flavour, green coffee beans and coffee granules, chamomile flowers and cocoa. Yawn is a tea brand, a coffee brand and a hot chocolate brand, so it doesn't surprise to see a tea blend dedicated to coffee drinkers with deep hot chocolate notes.

Coffee Lover coffee and tea blend
© All That Tea

Price: starting from 1 GBP for a sample loose leaf pouch

Where to buy: Yawn website or Yawn Etsy store

6. Choffee Mint – Twist Teas

Choffee Mint tea by Twist Teas
© All That Tea

Choffee Mint by Twist Teas is a chocolaty minty dessert enriched with coffee, cocoa nibs and husks and even a coffee alternative – roasted dandelion root. This easy to brew dessert tea bend smells and taste delightful. Could there be a better blend for an afternoon tea party when you need more than just a regular cup of tea? Available as loose leaf and in pyramid tea bags.

Price: from 4.50 GBP for a 50-grams loose leaf pouch

Where to buy: Twist Teas website

Read more about Choffee Mint coffee and tea blend.

7. Focus on Yourself coffee and tea blend –

Have you ever heard of a tea blend before?  If you are looking for something super uncommon, Focus on Yourself green tea blend from Tealyra is a tea that truly stands out. It's a ylang-ylang flavoured green tea blend with green coffee beans, gingko, chokeberries, apple and a sprinkle of sunflower and cornflower petals. A perfect afternoon relaxing blend to focus on yourself.

Focus on Yourself

Read more about Focus on Yourself tea blend

Price: from 4.62 GBP for a 50-grams loose leaf pouch

Where to buy: Tealyra website

8. Yin Yang coffee and tea blend – Or, Tea?

Yin Yang is a blend that represents traditional drinks of multiple countries – coffee, black tea, and yerba mate. It also contains roasted chicory root, a common replacement for coffee, sweet liquorice and milk, caramel and vanilla flavouring. Sounds like a perfect cup of tea-coffee, doesn't it? Available as loose leaf tea and tea bags in adorable packaging.

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Price: from 6.50 EUR for a box with 10 sachet

Where to buy: Or, Tea? website

9. Vanilla Cappuccino Tea – DAVIDsTEA

Ever thought of pairing black tea and fruit chunks with coffee beans? DAVIDsTEA Vanilla Cappuccino Tea has truly interesting ingredients – from rosehips, apple and pineapple chunks to coffee beans and black tea, all sweetened with some stevia. All you need to do is brew it, add some steamed milk and enjoy.  

Price: from 9.98 USD for a 50 grams loose tea pouch

Where to buy: DAVIDsTEA website

10. Swiss Mocha Hot Chocolate – Dessert by Deb

Even without coffee beans, Peppermint Swiss Mocha Hot Chocolate would be a decadent herbal blend. With coffee beans, it gives a unique tisane and coffee blend. Peppermint Swiss Mocha Hot Chocolate contains honey bush – a delicious cousin of red rooibos, cocoa nibs and two types of mint – peppermint and spearmint. A true indulging guilt-free herbal tea with a low caffeine content.

Price: from 7.00 CAD for a 25-grams loose tea pouch

Where to buy: Dessert by Deb website

11. Banana Bread Coffee Pu’erh – Old Barrel Tea Company

Ripe earthy pu'erh tea, banana chips, ground coffee and coffee beans, cinnamon chips and pretty calendula petals make this tea not only a caffeine-rich tea and coffee blend, but a true dessert too. What can be better than having dessert for breakfast? Banana Bread Coffee Pu'erh is a great tea for sipping after lunch too.

Price: from 15 USD for 2.65 oz loose leaf tin

Where to buy: Old Barrel Tea website

12. Dreamy Creamy Galway Tea – Cupan Tae

Black tea, jasmine and roasted coffee beans? This tea will make you look at jasmine teas from a whole new perspective. Floral coffee tea or a coffee flavoured jasmine tea, whichever way you want to use to describe it, one thing's for sure – Dreamy Creamy Galway tea is a blend like no other. Available as loose tea.

Price: 11 GBP for an 80 grams gift box

Where to buy: Cupan Tae website

13. Rum Arabica – Tea from the Manor

Rum Arabica is more than just a coffee and tea blend. It's a cocktail tea blend made with red rooibos, cocoa husks, coffee beans, blackcurrants, cinnamon and rum flavouring. This herbal tea is alcohol free, low in caffeine and just perfect for an afternoon sipping. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free, so expect lower caffeine content.

Price: from 4.75 GBP for a 100-grams loose tea pouch

Where to buy: Tea from the Manor website

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