Choffee Mint tea by Twist Teas

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There's something special in blends make with . Add some cocoa and mint, and you are in for a genuine treat. Choffee by is one of a kind blend that can bring freshness and delight into your life.

What is Choffee Mint tea?

Choffee Mint tea is a beautiful blend crafted with Sri Lankan black tea, whole coffee beans, cocoa husks, cocoa nibs, roasted dandelion root, and flavouring. It smells delicious – deep and chocolaty, with minty note and hints of coffee. Think of dark mint chocolate but without sugary sweetness, and that's exactly what this tea smells like.

Choffee Mint tea by Twist Teas
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Mint and black tea are a less common pair than mint and , but they complement each other really well. The ingredients in Choffee Mint tea make it a brilliant afternoon (or after lunch) tea. Mint may help aid digestion and promote relaxation (Source: ScienceDirect) and both tea and coffee contain caffeine and may help boost energy. This makes it a perfect blend for afternoons when all you want to do is take a nap but you can't affor it. What's great about this tea is that it's blended exceptionally well – all ingredients have their purpose and contribute to the flavour without being overpowering. Roasted dandelion root is often used as a coffee alternative because of its toasty and deep flavour. And then, there are also cocoa husks and cocoa nibs that give a delicate chocolate note, without extreme sweetness. Choffee Mint doesn't contain added sugar and is suitable for vegetarians.

Black tea with coffee and mint
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How to brew Choffee Mint tea?

This tea is available as loose tea in pyramid tea bags, refill pouches and caddies. Steep one teaspoon of one pyramid tea bag in a cup of water (150-200 ml) for 3-5 minutes with boiling water. Choffee Mint has an incredibly deep flavour, with only a slight astringency, dominant dark chocolate note and minty aftertaste. Coffee adds depth, but even if you are not a coffee drinker, this tea will win you over. What's surprising is that all the ingredients in this Choffee Mint tea have a natural light bitterness, but brewed tea is not bitter at all. It tastes great with no condiments, but you can drink it with some and brown sugar, too. Depending on how long you steep it for, you can re-use the same tea leaves one more time. Choffee Mint is both an office blend and a dessert blend for an afternoon tea. It offers refreshment, an energy boost, a very delicious flavour, and it's easy to brew.

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Choffee Mint tea steeping
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Tea Recap

Water or Milk? Both

Day or night? Day

Caffeine? Yes

Hot or ? Hot

Sweetened or Pure? Lightly sweetened with brown sugar.

What's the price? Starting from 4.15 GBP or 50 grams loose leaf refill or 15 tea bags refill.

Where to buy? Get Choffee Mint from Twist Teas website.


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