Strawberry and Vanilla White Tea from Basilur

Strawberry and vanilla white tea

Vanilla and Strawberry and a classic combination that goes well with any tea type, including . It's perfect for spring and summer, and any time you wish to enjoy a light and delightful cup of tea. Expectations from a white tea in may not always be high, which makes this Strawberry and Vanilla white tea from is a genuine surprise.

Strawberry and vanilla white tea

Is white tea in tea bags good?

White tea is one of the most interesting types of tea. Partially because many of them have a very light and delicate flavour, partially because a good one is often difficult to find. This type of tea is not as common as green, oolong or , and is not as often available in traditional tea bags as other tea types.

One reason is that 2 of the most popular types need to have a specific leaf shape. For example, Silver Needle is made purely of tea buds covered in fine white hair. White Peony will have tea buds, stalks and leaves. But what really makes white tea a white tea is the production process. It includes fewer steps than making other types and results in a unique flavour profile.

Now let's get back to Strawberry and Vanilla white tea from Basilur.

What's in Strawberry and Vanilla White tea?

Strawberry and Vanilla white tea from Basilur is available as loose leaf and in tea bags. Loose leaf blend contains unbroken leaves, jasmine flowers, rose petals and strawberries. Tea bags are made of white tea and vanilla and strawberry flavourings. Since traditional tea bags contain fannings and dust, they will always brew into a stronger tea, often with bitter notes. That's why white tea is usually better than loose tea. Usually, but not always.

Strawberry and vanilla Basilur tea bags

So, is this tea different?

What does Strawberry and Vanilla white tea taste like?

To make a cup of tea, bring fresh water to a boil and let it cool for a few minutes. Although white tea is gentle, you can still use a slightly hotter water and steep it for 2-3 minutes.

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Basilur's Strawberry and smells lovely. It's as close to strawberries and cream as a tea could be. It's quite a surprise for a tea in a traditional tea bag to taste this light and natural.

Strawberry and vanilla white tea

Flavour is lighter than scent, with no bitterness or deep hay notes. Strawberry flavour is very light though. The best description would be that this is a delicately flavoured vanilla white tea with hints of strawberry and cream flavour. This tea doesn't need any condiments, and it's best served with no . It leaves the same lovely light aftertaste. It's suitable for making an too.

Strawberry and Vanilla white tea is a perfect choice for daily drinking at home or in the office, as it's very easy to make and tastes light and lovely. If you love lightly flavoured white teas, this tea is a brilliant choice. Even if you drink only loose tea, there's a very high chance you'll like this one too.

white tea

Tea Recap

Water or milk? Water.

Day or night? Day.

Hot or iced? Hot or cold.

Sweetened or pure? Pure.

Caffeine? Yes.

What's the price? Starting from 3.99 GBP.

Where to buy? Get it from the Basilur website: 20 tea bags or loose tea

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