7 Teas Inspired by Christmas Drinks

teas inspired by Christmas drinks

Want to enjoy delicious Christmas drinks completely guilt-free? These 7 teas are all inspired by popular Christmas drinks, contain no alcohol or additional calories, and represent Christmas in a cup. Many of them are caffeine-free too, making them perfect for an all-day sipping.  

1. Mulled Wine

When talking about Christmas drinks, it's impossible not to start with mulled wine. Mulled wine is for sure, the ultimate holiday drink, so it doesn't surprise it's one of the most popular festive tea flavours. Teas inspired by mulled wine can be caffeinated and , and they are an amazing alternative if you want to enjoy this warming flavour all day long. Mulled Wine from Twist Teas contains all the spices and fruits to make a proper mulled wine any time you want.

Price: from 4.00 GBP

Caffeine: No

Type: fruit tea blend

Where to buy: Get Mulled Wine tea from Twist Teas website.

2. Mulled Cider

If wine is not really your thing, mulled cider can be a great alternative. This spiced drink is as warming and aromatic as mulled wine, but with crispier and fresher apple notes. Mulled Cider tea from Bird and Blend is an apple-based tea with warming spices and natural zestiness, no caffeine or alcohol, and 100% warming flavour.

Price: from 6.70 GBP

Caffeine: No

Type: fruit tea blend

Where to buy: Get Mulled Cider from Bird and Blend website.

3. Eggnog

Smooth and custardy eggnog is a must for the holiday season. It's the creamiest of all holiday drinks and incredibly delicious. Eggnog is usually only lightly spiced with nutmeg and can be served with or without alcohol. 's Eggnog tea is blended with , hazelnut brittle, nutmeg, sweet blackberry leaves and eggnog flavourings for perfectly creamy eggnog experience in a teacup.

Price: 16 GBP

Caffeine: Yes

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Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Eggnog tea from T2 website.

4. Hot Toddy

The best thing on cold winter nights is to snuggle under the blanket. Enjoying a cup of warm drink at the same time makes it even better. This traditional drink is made with whiskey, , water, lemon and spices and is usually enjoyed throughout the winter. Hot Toddy tea blend is an alcohol-free tea alternative from Tugboat, made with black tea, and all the spices and flavouring to give the same warming feeling.

Price: from 2.20 GBP

Caffeine: yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Hot Toddy tea from Tugboat website.

5. Fruit Punch

Seeing a big bowl of fruit punch means it's time to party. Fruit punch is made with different fruit juices and often a sparkling wine or carbonated non-alcoholic drink, and garnished with fresh fruits. Depending on the recipe, punch may contain a mix of different alcoholic drinks too, but it can be alcohol free as well. A Fruit Punch tea blend from It's Tea is a festive fruit blend, made with oranges and pineapples, cinnamon rods and mistletoe.

Price: from 1.55 GBP

Caffeine: no

Type: fruit tea blend

Where to buy: Get Fruit Punch tea from It's Tea website.

6. Glogg

If you love mulled drinks, you will love glogg too. Glogg is a Swedish version of mulled wine, but it can be made with other spirits too. It's warming and rich and often served with dried fruits. Glogg inspired tea from Kusmi Tea's an herbal, caffeine and alcohol-free aromatic blend of blackcurrants and grapes, spices, liquorice and natural zestiness from hibiscus, lemon peel and orange essential oil.  

Price: 19.90 EUR

Caffeine: no

Type: fruit tea blend

Where to buy: Get Glogg tea from Kusmi Tea website.

7. Buttered Rum

What could be more indulgent than a hot drink made with butter and spices? Buttered rum is a rich and warming winter drink made with rum, butter, spices, and sugar. Buttered Rum tea from Clearview Tea Company contains no alcohol or calories, only a comforting and rich buttered rum flavour.

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Price: 14.00 CAD

Caffeine: yes

Type: black tea blend

Where to buy: Get Buttered Rum tea from Clearview Tea Company website.


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