Cherry Bakewell Tea by Bird & Blend

Cherry Bakewell Tea

There's a right tea for everyone. A decade ago, this would mean that you could find a tea that is sweeter and less astringent, or you could find a tea with more vegetal rather than nutty notes. But today, there's a right tea for everyone, based not only on general preferences, but your favourite desserts as well. A Cherry Bakewell fans have several options to choose from too. This Cherry Bakewell tea comes from Bird & Blend, a tea shop dedicated to creating unique blends, including those inspired by different desserts.

Cherry Bakewell white tea

What's in Cherry Bakewell Tea?

Cherry Bakewell tea is a tea crafted to pay respect to a famous British treat – heavenly cherry and almond tarts. This pastry has been around for quite some time, and is always a pure joy to enjoy.

Cherry Bakewell tea is, unexpectedly, a blend, not a cherry fruit blend. It contains Chinese white tea, apple pieces, rosehips, hibiscus, sliced almonds, freeze-dried cranberries and LOTS of red cornflowers.

White tea, hibiscus and red cornflowers loose tea

This tea smells delicious, with intense cherry notes and hints of frangipane. But it's not only the scent that's inviting. Cherry Bakewell pastries are yummy, but also incredibly pretty. This tea took its mission to offer a Cherry Bakewell experience seriously, and it looks stunning too. Red cornflowers look absolutely beautiful in this blend.

What's quite surprising is the blending of so many red/purple ingredients with white tea. Any blend containing hibiscus will turn purple, and so does this blend. However, white tea is an absolutely great choice for this liquid dessert, as it's lighter and more neutral than other tea types, but still offers lighter tea notes and caffeine.

Cherry Bakewell tea

What does it taste like?

Since there are quite a lot of ingredients in this blend and lots of red cornflowers to get the most out of white tea, use two teaspoons rather than one and steep at around 80 degrees Celsius for 2-3 for 3 minutes.

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This tea brews into a light tea, with a transparent purple colour. It's not quite like hibiscus tea, and it's not like white tea either. This tea has a slight hibiscus zestiness, and a really interesting aroma. White tea is most noticeable from the slightly smoky aroma, rather than the flavour. Cherry notes with hints of almonds wrap the whole blend into a light and refreshing tea that doesn't need any condiments.

Cherry Bakewell tea

Although this tea is light, don't overstep it. It contains white tea, and it may get a light bitter note if you leave the tea leaves to infuse for too long. However, regardless of the lightness, it's flavourful and cheerful. If you like hibiscus and cherry flavour, you will like this tea too. Even though it smells sweet, it's not a sweet tea, so you can add half a teaspoon of white sugar or some other neutral sweetener.

Who else would like this tea? This blend would be a splendid choice for tea drinkers that enjoy flavoured teas with fruity notes but prefer lighter daily blends that aren't overpowering and that don't need any condiments.

white tea and tarts

Tea Recap

Water or ? Water.

Day or night? Day.

Hot or iced? Hot or iced.

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or with a teaspoon of white sugar.

Caffeine? Yes

Where to buy? Get it from Bird and Blend website.

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