Twinings Inner Peace – rooibos + ashwagandha superblend

Inner Peace Roiibos Ashwagandha Superblend Twinings

It's been a while since introduced the first superblends. Over the years, they've added many other teas and the superblend range is now more exciting than ever. Twinings Inner Peace is an adaptogenic superblend with root and red . This blend will show you how functional herbal teas can taste absolutely delicious and, hopefully, help you relax and find that inner peace.  

Twinings Inner Peace

What's in Twinings Inner Peace?

Twining Inner Peace tea is blended with 3 main ingredients – rooibos, roasted chicory root and ashwagandha root – and natural flavourings – fig, vanilla and others.

Rooibos and vanilla are a classic pair. These flavours that complement each other beautifully and they've been around for some time. But rooibos and fig? That's a whole new story.

Fig has not been used as an ingredient or as a flavour in tea blends much until recently. Today, it's a trending flavour that goes well will many tea types. Fig flavour goes exceptionally well with red rooibos tea, that's naturally sweet and earthy.

Figs are naturally quite sweet and can be paired with a whole range of foods – from fruits to cheese, nuts and herbs.

Adaptogen in Twinings Inner Peace blend is ashwagandha or Withania somnifera, used in Indian Ayurveda. There's a lot of research related to this adaptogen, and most of it is regarding the stress-relieving properties. Although different parts of the plant can be used as an herbal medicine, only the root is used for stress management. Studies suggest ashwagandha may help relieve anxiety and reduce stress caused by physical activity and provide a whole range of other benefits (1).

Twinings Inner Peace

Twinings Inner Peace tea smells delicious – there's a deep sweet fig note, earthy red rooibos base and a touch of vanilla.

Red rooibos is naturally and, what's also an advantage – very easy to brew. Plus, this blend contains no sugars.

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How does it taste?

Twinings Inner Peace blend is an example of just how perfect red rooibos is in caffeine-free blends. It gives depth, flavour and sweetness, but it's also like a flavour canvas that allows a creation of a whole new tea experience.

Let's get back to brewing. Since this is a red rooibos blend, use a freshly boiled water and steep one tea bag in a cup of water for 3 minutes. Rooibos will never become bitter, even if you over-brew it.

The scent of this blend is beautiful. Just leave a cup of brewed tea on the table and the entire room will smell divine.

Although the scent may make you think this tea is going to be sweet, it's quite light. Red rooibos and fig notes are predominant, and if you worry about the flavour of ashwagandha, this blend incorporates it really well. It's present, but far from overpowering.

Red rooibos ashwagandha and fig tea

Who would like this tea?

Twinings Inner Peace adaptogen superblend is great for tea drinkers that like lighter, gentle herbal teas. Even if you are not a fan of red rooibos, you may like this blend. This blend makes for an amazing afternoon and evening tea. Warning, it smells so delicious you'll want to have another cup straight away.

Twinings Inner Peace Tea Recap

Water or ? Water or milk.

Day or night? Day or night.

Hot or iced? Hot or iced.

Sweetened or pure? Pure, or with a teaspoon of honey.

Caffeine? No

What's the price? Starting from 3.99 GBP.

Where to buy? Get Twinings Inner Peace from Twinings website or Amazon.

This blend is now available as a part of Soulful blends range -> Quiet Mind blend

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