The Jet-Setter Jasmine Green Tea

The Jet-Setter jasmine green tea

Jasmine is the most popular scented tea in the world.

There are many types of out there, some with a more intense scent and stronger flavour, and others are incredibly delicate but still flavourful.

What's The Jet-Setter like?

The Jet Setter Tea and the Gang

What's in The Jetsetter?

No one does classic tea blends as The . This tea brand has the amazing ability to take a well-known tea classic, elevate it and offer a blend that's a pure joy to drink. Tea and the Gang say their teas have a personality, and it's definitely not just about the names and pretty packaging. It's the flavour and ingredients as well.

The Jet-Setter is no different.

The Jet-Setter is a classic Chinese jasmine green tea sprinkled with jasmine blossoms. Just like many jasmine green teas, it has a delightful scent. But it also has something more. A beautiful balance of floral notes and green tea where neither is overpowering.

This tea is available as loose tea and in pyramid tea bags that allow the same flavour as loose tea with no need for brewing equipment. Except, of course, your favourite mug.

Jasmine green tea bag

It's smells truly delightful, not overpowering, but just right.

What's interesting about jasmine green teas is that they are typically scented, rather than flavoured. Green tea leaves are scented by mixing them with fresh jasmine blossoms multiple times. These blossoms are later discarded and what's left are pure green tea leaves with a beautiful jasmine scent and flavour.

What does this jasmine green tea taste like?

To make a cup of The Jet-Setter, use 1 tea bag per cup of tea (preferably a smaller cup), and steep for 3 minutes at 80 degrees Celsius.

The Jet-Setter is a truly beautiful jasmine green tea. Jasmine green teas will usually brew into a darker yellow tea, that is often associated with bitterness. The Jet-Setter has a vibrantly dark-yellow colour and zero traces of bitterness. It's fragrant and light, mellow, with a perfect depth to serve it as well. There's just enough astringency in this tea to induce a very sweet and floral aftertaste.

Brewing Jasmine green tea

If you tried jasmine green tea before and didn't quite enjoy it because of the bitterness, with its gentle character, The Jet-Setter is a tea that could make you change your mind. Another great thing about this tea is that you can re-steep it.

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The Jet-Setter is a gentle and sophisticated tea. Some jasmine green teas are very overpowering, but this tea would be a perfect choice for an afternoon tea. It would be a great introduction to the world of scented and pure teas as well.

The Jet Setter green tea

So, who would like it? If you love jasmine green teas, you will love this one too. This tea is great for tea drinkers that enjoy floral teas, lighter green teas that are not sweet, and pure unflavoured blends.


Tea Recap

Water or ? Water.

Day or night? Day.

Hot or iced? Hot or iced.

Sweetened or Pure? Pure.

Caffeine? Yes

What's the price? Starting from 3.19 GBP.

Where to buy? Get The Jet-Setter from the Tea and the Gang website or Amazon.

The Jet Setter Jasmine Green Tea
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