Twinings Dark Caramel Tea

Twinings Dark Caramel Tea

It's no secret that caramel and make for a perfect pair. With the No 22 Dark blend, took flavour experience to a whole new level. This tea is so sweet, with such an intense toffee flavour it will easily become one of your top daily teas.

Twinings Dark Caramel tea is one of the most intense caramel teas out there.

And for sure, one of the sweetest.

Twinings Dark Caramel Tea

What is Twinings Dark Caramel tea?

Twinings Dark Caramel or No 22 tea is a black tea with golden syrup and toffee flavourings. This tea is exactly what the name says – a super-rich, dark caramel tea with an intense flavour. Indeed, it's difficult to think of a caramel tea that tasted so close to the caramel as this tea.

Although the base of the No 22 blend is a strong black tea, this tea is literally all about toffee, golden syrup, brown sugar, molasses, and sweetness. It's available in classic tea bag style that' super easy to brew both at home and in the office.

Dark Caramel is crafted with tea drinkers that love to add sugar to their tea in mind, to offer especially sweet and indulging flavour without the need of adding any other condiments.

No 22 blend

In fact, this intense sweetness and toffee scent are present immediately upon opening the box and will make any tea lover really eager to try that first cup.  

What does it taste like?

Now, a little warning.

Twinings Dark Caramel is nothing like a regular caramel tea. It's also nothing like a regular flavoured black tea. And it's far from a classic black tea. This tea is intense. It's so intense you will feel you are drinking a properly sweetened tea.

To enjoy the best flavour, use 150-230 ml freshly boiled water and steep it for 3-5 minutes at 98 degrees Celsius. It's very sweet, smooth, with a strong toffee flavour. Black tea is not dominating this blend but offers a perfect strong base. If you are used to regular black tea blends, this tea may not be the right choice, as the flavour of black tea is very, very mild.

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No 22 Twinings tea

The second amazing thing about this tea is that although it will give a deeper and darker infusion than loose leaf tea, it will have absolutely no bitterness. You can over-steep it, leave the tea bag in the mug, drink it cold or hot, and it will still be great. This is quite rare among classic , as they usually tend to have some bitterness if you over-steep them.

The third great thing about Twinings Dark Caramel tea is that it's perfect for experimenting. It tastes delicious both hot and cold, with or without , with milk, or as a with vegan milk alternative.

However, not all tea drinkers will enjoy this tea.

Twinings Dark Caramel black tea

Who would like this tea?

Twinings says, this tea is for those that prefer to add sugar to their tea. This blend is perfect for anyone who enjoys caramel and golden syrup flavour, even if you are not so fond of black teas. First and foremost, Twinings Dark Caramel is a playful, sweet . If you are looking for pure black tea flavours, this blend is not for you. But if you want an incredibly delicious caramel flavoured tea that's easy to brew and tastes great no matter how you make it, give it a chance, it may surprise you. It could easily become your favourite.   

Who else would like it? Tea drinkers who enjoy flavoured sweet teas, and prefer hot chocolate over black tea, especially if the bitterness is what you dislike about black teas.

Twinings Dark Caramel Recap

Water or milk? Water or milk (you can also use it to make a proper )

Day or night? Day.

Hot or iced? Hot or cold.

Sweetened or Pure? Pure, it's already sweet enough.

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Caffeine? Yes

What's the price? Starting from 3.99 GBP.

Where to buy? Get Twinings Dark Caramel from Twinings website or Twinings Amazon store.


Twinings Dark Caramel
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