T2 Sleep Tight Tea

Sleep Tight T2

A cup of tea is always a good idea, especially if it can help you relax and peacefully doze off. Sleep Tight tea contains three aromatic herbal ingredients, perfect for evening sipping.

What's in T2 Sleep Tight blend?

Sleep Tight blend is a very simple but aromatic blend. It's blended with lemon balm, lavender and rose petals, all of them popular for their calming and relaxing properties. It contains 91% of lemon balm, and the rest are lavender and rose petals.

T2 sleep tight tea

If you're not really a lemon balm lover, this blend may really surprise you. It's aromatic, super pleasant, without that strong unique lemon balm scent. In fact, none of the ingredients dominates the blend. Instead, they blend into a deep and rich herbal scent with light minty notes and hints of floral dusky rose and soft lavender.

All these ingredients have traditionally been used for their relaxing properties. Lavender is a very common herb in aromatherapy, commonly used for its potential anxiolytic, sedative and antidepressant properties (1). Pure lavender teas may sometimes have a very strong flavour, but when blended properly, lavender will never overpower the blend. Lemon balm or sometimes simply called melissa (Melissa officinalis L.), on the other hand, if quite often used in relaxing sleepy time supplements. Studies suggest it may not only promote better sleep but reduce anxiety as well (2). Rose petals are the third ingredient in this blend. They are commonly used in tea blending, both for flavour and appearance. However, they too may provide several benefits, including improving the quality of sleep (3).

All the ingredients are . T2 Sleep Tight tea is available as loose leaf and in .

What does it taste like?  

To make a cup of Sleep Tight tea, use freshly boiled water and steep one to two teaspoons in a cup of water for 5 minutes.

herbal tea

When brewed, the scent changes completely. Flavour is light, lemony, with hints of lavender. Both rose and lavender are light in this blend, and you may like them even if you typically don't like rose or lavender teas. This is predominately a . And here's the best part. Lemon balm has a very specific flavour that you'll either like or dislike (lemon grass is quite similar – you either like it or hate it). It's less minty than mint teas and much more herbaceous with a somewhat lemony note. Most lemon balm teas are heavy and often overwhelming, especially if you make them from pure lemon balm leaves. Sleep Tight is totally different. It's quite light, not bitter, and very easy to drink. This tea would go well with honey.  

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Who may like this tea? If you love herbal aromatic caffeine free blends, you will probably enjoy this tea too. It's much less herbaceous than a typical herbal blend and extremely pleasant to drink.

T2 sleep tight tea

T2 Sleep Tight Tea Recap

Water or ? Water.

Day or night? Day or night.

Hot or ? Hot.

Sweetened or pure? Pure.

Caffeine? No.

What's the price? Starting from 18:00 AUD.

Where to buy? Get it from T2 website.


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