Beetroot Acai Matcha by Twist Teas

Beetroot Acai Matcha by Twist Teas

If you are looking for a regular , this tea is not for you. But if you want a drink with a unique flavour and beautiful colour with potential benefits of matcha tea, then Beetroot Acai Matcha hits all the right notes. Warning – beautiful colour ahead.

What is matcha?

Matcha is a powdered Japanese with a unique flavour and intensely green colour. It's a shaded tea that was, until recently, mostly used during the Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha is now super popular, and for a good reason. Not only does it taste like no other green tea, but it may also provide many health benefits. Plus, it's great for cooking and making lattes.

What is Beetroot Acai Matcha?

This powdered tea blend is not green. In fact, the colour is not even purple. It's greyish-purple, and that's because it's blended with both beetroot powder and matcha tea. The real magic happens once you prepare it.

Beetroot acai matcha powder
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Beetroot Acai Matcha powder contains beetroot powder, Japanese matcha powder, flavouring granules, and acai berry powder. Both and beetroot are purple, and purple will change the green colour of matcha. Matcha makes 1/3 of this blend, so one serving will be much lower in caffeine than one serving of regular matcha tea. This powder smells delicious – sweet and earthy with deep beetroot and berry notes. Read more:

How to make Beetroot Acai Matcha tea?

While preparing the authentic pure matcha requires some skills and utensils, making a cup of flavoured matcha is usually easier. That's because you won't need to froth it and, in fact, it may not foam like pure matcha would. Use can use a teaspoon and create a thick paste using a bit of hot water first, or you can add more water and use an electric hand frother. It may not always be possible to sift flavoured matcha teas because many will contain flavour granules too.

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flavoured Matcha
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To make any tea powdered blend that contains matcha, use cooler water. Water temperature should be around 80°C or 176°F. Beetroot Acai Matcha is great with ice or with . Use 1-2 grams of tea powder per 100-150 ml of water and serve it over ice or add 50ml of steamed milk. You could also use milk only or even use more powder and more water because it has less caffeine than pure matcha. Prepared with hot water, this tea earthy and rich, with a creamy mouthfeel, deep beetroot and light berry notes. It's only lightly sweet and has a very light astringency. It's great for making an and it would be great for making treats. If you like beetroot juice and fruity flavours you will really enjoy this tea.

Beetroot matcha with milk
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Tea Recap

Water or Milk? Water or milk.

Day or night? Both, it contains less caffeine than a serving of pure matcha, unless you are very sensitive to caffeine.

Hot or Iced? Hot, or milkshake.

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or with a teaspoon of .

Caffeine? Yes

What's the price? Starting from 15 GBP for a 20-grams caddy.

Where to buy? Get Beetroot Acai Matcha from Twist Teas.


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