9 Super COOL Tea Ideas for Summer

9 cool tea ideas for summer

There's something about summer that makes us feel more energized and happier. Some say it's vitamin D, but we say – it's the excitement of experimenting with tea and making perfect, flavourful refreshments. These for summer that will make your days more cheerful, drinks more fun, and keeping you hydrated and refreshed.

1. Cold brew tea with fresh herbs

tea ideas for summer - cold-brewing tea with herbs
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Cold in summer is one of the best ways to enjoy tea all day long. From stronger black teas to fresh greens, or caffeine free rooibos, there's a perfect cold brew for everyone. And it takes no more than a minute of effort. You will have to let it steep, though. Steeping overnight will give the best flavour, but some teas may be ready in only 2-3 hours. Another plus? Cold-brewed tea has less caffeine than regular hot brewed tea.

2. Make Tea Jellies

Tea Jelly
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And we don't mean teddy bears only. Choose your favourite silicone mould and make tea jellies in any shape you want. You can serve them with ice cream or use them for decorating other summer desserts. Or, you can simply eat them.

3. Make Tea Ice

Instead of steeping tea in hot water, try adding tea ice cubes to a glass of cold water. Not only will it be icy cold, but it will also have a delicious light flavour that you can enjoy all day long. An extra idea? Make a ice cubes and add them to a glass of cold brewed pure green or .

Learn how to make tea ice.

Tea ideas for summer - make tea ice cubes
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4. Enjoy a Refreshing Tea

Raspberry Frappe with Black Tea
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A tea frappe is super easy to make and utterly delicious. You will need a blender, , water, ice and your favourite tea. Optional ingredients are fresh fruits and sweeteners.

A super delicious idea? Triple Raspberry Black Tea Frappe.

5. Steep It in Milk To Make a Refreshing Milkshake

6. Add Tea Syrups to Water

Tea ideas for summer - drink tea syrup with water
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If you love mixinf fruit syrups with water to make fruity drinks, try a too. You will need a tablespoon or more of your favourite tea syrup and icy cold water. Homemade tea syrups are very easy to make and it will last in a fridge for several weeks.

Recipe for Earl Grey Simple Syrup

7. Make a Tea Tonic

Black tea tonic
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Heard about espresso tonic? Turns out, tea is just as amazing for making this truly refreshing drink. You can make it with tea powders or steeped tea.

Check out the recipe for a black tea tonic here.

8. Try Making at Home

Strawberry Black Tea Boba
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Your favourite tea, some milk, and pre-made tapioca pearls served over ice is all it takes to make a delicious homemade boba tea. With the right ingredients, boba tea is both fun and easy to make.

Recipe for Strawberry Black Tea Boba.

9. Make Your Own Tea Popsicles

Earl Grey Lemon Popsicles
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Making a simple tea syrup really is one of the best things you can do this summer. Why? Because it's great for hundreds of drinks and desserts. Yes, for popsicles too. With a homemade tea sugar syrup you can make tea flavoured popsicles in literally 5 minutes. Plus, the freezing time, of course.

Learn how to make Earl Grey lemon popsicles.

Need more inspiration? Find more tea ides for summer here.

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