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8 simple ways to use Eael grey syrup

8 simple ways to use Earl Grey syrup

Earl Grey is always a good idea. Pure, with milk, sweetened or with a slice of lemon, this flavourful classic always tastes good. And it’s a must-have if you like baking with…

Melon Matcha Slushie

Simple Matcha Melon Slushie

Slushie is one of the easiest icy drinks you can make at home. While there are different methods, the easiest one is by using simple sparkling water or soda and ice. Once…

9 cool tea ideas for summer

9 Super COOL Tea Ideas for Summer

There’s something about summer that makes us feel more energized and happier. Some say it’s vitamin D, but we say – it’s the excitement of experimenting with tea and making perfect, flavourful…
Simple Tea Slushie

Simple Earl Grey Tea Slushie

When the heat outside is just too much to handle, spending time in the kitchen preparing drinks is likely not the first thought that pops into you mind. The good old, iced…