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Sleep Tight T2

T2 Sleep Tight Tea

A cup of tea is always a good idea, especially if it can help you relax and peacefully doze off. T2 Sleep Tight tea contains three aromatic herbal ingredients, perfect for evening…

Singapore Breakfast tea T2

Singapore Breakfast Tea T2

What would a breakfast be, without a proper cup of breakfast tea? While the traditional breakfast blends are crafted to offer a strong flavour that goes well with milk and will usually…

sticky toffee pudding tea

Sticky Date Delight – A Sticky Toffee Pudding Tea

These days, dessert teas are not quite what they used to be. What was once considered a dessert tea was a tea of a higher quality and complex aromatic flavour that was…

T2 peach tea

Packs a Peach – T2 Peach Tea

Peach tea is the ultimate summer tea classic. While most peach teas are blended with black or green tea, pure peach fruit blends are surprisingly not that common. T2 peach tea Packs…

Carrot Cake and tea

Carrot Cake tea by T2

It’s no secret Carrot Cake is one of the most popular American and British cakes of all time. But a less know fact is that it’s also one of the most popular…