Singapore Breakfast Tea T2

Singapore Breakfast tea T2

What would a breakfast be, without a proper cup of ? While the traditional breakfast blends are crafted to offer a strong flavour that goes well with and will usually have a very similar flavour profile regardless of the brand, creative blends are a whole different story. The only thing they often have in common with traditional blends is that they are usually strong enough to be served with milk. Singapore Breakfast is one of the most unusual breakfast tea blends out there.

Singapore Breakfast tea T2

What's in Singapore Breakfast tea?

This Singapore breakfast tea comes from , a tea company with a whole range of unique and flavourful blends. This blend is one of rare blends that contain flavour. It's made with pu'erh , genmaicha , coconut chips, pandan and other flavourings. This tea contains approximately the same amounts of pu'erh and , which is quite an unusual combination. Pu'erh is strong, bold, and earthy, but it's not bitter. Genmaicha is not a bitter tea either. It's toasty and nutty, with lighter fresh green tea notes.

Singapore breakfast loose tea

This tea smells nothing short of intriguing. It's a mix of intense creamy coconut and sweet and distinct pandan, blended into a toasty and earthy tea base. There's a light ripe pu'erh, toasty genmaicha and creamy coconut and pandan scents. It smells deep and warming.

What does Singapore Breakfast taste like?

To make a cup of T2 Singapore Breakfast tea, bring fresh water to a boil, let it cool down to 90 degrees Celsius and steep one heaped teaspoon of tea leaves for 3 minutes. Both pu'erh and genmaicha can be re-steeped, so keep the infusion time at 3 minutes if you want to use the same tea leaves twice.

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Brewed tea smells exactly like dry leaves, only a bit softer. Flavour is different from any other breakfast tea out there. All ingredients add to the flavour and create a very unique experience. At the same time, you can taste them all separately. There's a toasty genmaicha green tea flavour, unique pandan flavour, creamy coconut and deep and earthy pu'erh. Singapore Breakfast tastes more like genmaicha than pu'erh, so this tea may appeal even to tea drinkers that don't like the earthy ripe dark teas. It's slightly sweet and doesn't need any sweeteners. However, if you always add a sweetener to your breakfast tea, brown sugar would be a brilliant choice.

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Just like any proper breakfast blend, you can add milk to this tea, too. Rather than adding regular milk, try it with a splash of condensed milk. Condensed milk will enhance the coconut flavour and creaminess.

pu'erh, genmaicha, coconut and pandan tea

Who will like this tea?

Although it contains pu'erh tea, this is not a pu'reh tea. It's a very unique blend that can't really be compared to any other breakfast tea. Perhaps, the most prominent flavour is pandan, and although it's far from dominating, it does give a unique character to this tea. You will like this tea if you like toasty notes, black teas with honey, nuts or coconut, even if you don't like genmaicha or pu'erh. It's lighter than pu'erh, but stronger than genmaicha. This is a medium bodied tea, lighter than regular breakfast blends or pu'erh teas but strong enough to be served with milk. 

Singapore Breakfast is one of the most interesting breakfast blends we've ever tried. However, if you are looking for a traditional cup of breakfast tea, this is not a tea for you. You may not enjoy it if you don't like strong flavours or intensely flavoured teas. But if you like unusual flavours, enjoy genmaicha and pandan flavour, you may like this tea too.

Tea Recap

Water or milk? Water or milk

Day or night? Day.

Hot or ? Hot.

Sweetened or pure? Pure or with a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Caffeine? Yes.

What's the price? Starting from 18.00 AUD.

Where to buy? Get it from T2 website.

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