Mulled Wine Tea by Whittard

Mulled Wine tea Whittard

Mulled Wine is one of the most popular holiday tea flavours. There are dozens of blends to choose from, with different base teas and different ingredients. This Mulled Wine tea blend is so close to the original drink it will easily become your favourite caffeine-free alternative.

What is Mulled Wine tea?

Mulled wine is a hot drink made with red wine, oranges, spices and sugar or honey. There's no doubt mulled wine is delicious and just perfect for cold winter nights, but if you want an alcohol-free alternative, although it may sound unlikely, mulled wine teas may actually offer the same experience too.

Mulled wine tea
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Mulled Wine tea from is a blend with some ingredients that are typically not common in a mulled wine tea blend – apples, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves and roasted chicory root. All of them are naturally . Because of its earthy and slightly bitter flavour, roasted chicory root is probably the most known as a caffeine-free coffee alternative. This blend doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners or sugar. Instead, a light sweeteness comes from sweet blackberry leaves. Dry tea smells very rich and fruity, with lots of zestiness, sweetness and deeper earthy notes.

Mulled Wine tea Whittard
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How to brew this tea?

To make the best cup, use 2 rather than 1 teaspoon of tea per cup of water. Steep for 5 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius. This blend contains smaller, uniformed particles to offer a really rich infusion. If you are looking for a complete mulled wine experience, you can simmer it on the stove instead.

What's truly amazing about this Mulled Wine tea blend is that it actually feels like a rich but gentle, real mulled wine. It has so much depth and richness, some tartness, fruitiness, sweetness and even a slight tannic note, with light clove notes. Each and every ingredient in this blend plays an important role to offer a flavour that's as close as it gets to a real mulled wine. There are light tannic notes and depth from roasted chicory root, light sweetness from sweet blackberry leaves, tartness and zestiness from hibiscus and citric acid, and deep fruity apple base.

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This is not an apple tea, and this is not a roasted chicory tea. This is a real holiday blend that you can enjoy completely guilt-free. If you prefer sweeter mulled wine, you can add a teaspoon of honey or sugar.

Holiday tea blend
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This blend is great for tea drinkers that love the flavour of mulled wine, zesty fruit blends and lightly spiced teas. If you love cooking with tea or want to make a holiday tea syrup, this blend would be an amazing choice too.

Need more inspiration? Find out how to make tea caviar with Mulled Wine tea.


Tea Recap

Water or ? Water

Day or night? Day or night

Caffeine? No

Hot or Iced? Hot or iced

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or sweetened.

What's the price? 7.50 GBP

Where to buy? Get Mulled Wine tea from Whittard website. (Seasonal tea)



Mulled wine tea blend Whittards
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