Pink Grapefruit Teapigs Cold Brew Tea

Ping Grapefruit Teapigs Cold Brew Tea

Until recently, the only way to cold brew a tea was to use either loose leaf tea or regular and steep them for 3'8 hours in the fridge. Today, many brands are offering special cold brew blends designed to steep in less than 10 minutes – no boiling water required. Pink Grapefruit cold brew tea is one of those blends. What does it taste like?

pink grapefruit tea

What are Teapigs Cold Brew blends?

Teapigs cold brew blends are blends for brewing in cold water. One pyramid tea bag is enough to make up to 500 ml of tea, depending on the desired strength. Unlike traditional tea bags, pyramid tea bags, or tea temples, contain loose leaf tea rather than tea dust. Teapigs cold brew range includes 6 different fruity summer flavours:

  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Lychee and Rose
  • Cucumber and Apple
  • Blackcurrant and Raspberry
  • Watermelon and Hibiscus
  • Peach and Mango

All of them are .

What's in Pink Grapefruit cold brew tea?

Pink Grapefruit is not a typical flavour in tea blends. This citrus is very different from the typical zesty lemon, sweet orange or sweet and sour lime. With a slight bitterness, less sourness than lemons, and a beautiful pink-orange colour, it's a great flavour for summer teas and cold brews.

Check out the Pink Grapefruit & Blue Tea recipe with fresh grapefruit juice here.

pink grapefruit teapigs tea temple

Grapefruit Teapigs cold brew tea contains apple pieces, , sweet blackberry leaves, red hibiscus, grapefruit peel, citric acid, and natural grapefruit and other natural flavourings. Each tea temple is individually wrapped to preserve freshness, but this also makes it great for travelling.

The best way to brew Teapigs Cold Brew Pink Grapefruit tea

Teapigs tea bags contain loose ingredients, rather than dust. However, they will need more time to brew, even though the particles are smaller than regular loose tea.

teapigs cold brew tea

Recommended time for steeping this tea is 5+ minutes in cold water. When using cold water for , always make sure you are using odourless fresh water, as cold brewed teas have a less intense scent than hot brewed teas. Using fresh will really make a difference.   

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While the recommended steeping time is 5 minutes, this tea is best steeped slightly longer. If you want to intensify the flavour, you can also use a slightly hotter water and add ice, or cold-brew it overnight.

pink grapefruit tea

It has a very light pink-orange colour and light pink grapefruit flavour with very light zestiness. Although it contains apples and hibiscus, they are not dominating the blend. It's a quite light but refreshing tea, with light grapefruit flavour. It doesn't need any sweeteners, as adding too much would overpower the flavour.

Who would like this tea? If you love light fruity flavours, or fruit infused water, you'll like this tea too. It's much lighter than a cup of traditional . This blend is great for a daily sipping as it doesn't contain sugars or caffeine. You can use it instead of water or even soda.

teapigs cold brew tea pink grapefruit

Tea Recap

Water or ? Water

Day or night? Day or night.

Caffeine? No

Hot or iced? Cold or iced

Sweetened or Pure? Pure.

What's the price? 4.60 for 10 tea temples – bulk buy offer running, 60 tea temples 50% off

Where to buy? Get it from Teapigs website, Ocado or Teapigs cold brew blends are available from too.

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