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peach mango cold brew tea

Peach and mango are a wonderful combination. These two flavours are extremely popular for tea-based drinks and cold brew is no exception. This Peach Mango Cold Brew tea comes from , and it's crafted for a fuss-free steeping in cold water.

peach mango cold brew teapigs

What's in Peach Mango Cold Brew Tea?

Cold brew teas are blended specifically made for brewing with cold water rather than hot. Although you can use hot water and then simply add ice, they are crafted to give enough flavour even in cold or lukewarm water.

Teapigs has a whole range of cold brew blends, all . Cold brewing was first popular with green and black teas, and for a good reason. Fruit blends and many tisanes will usually release less flavour than green or black teas. is usually the fastest to cold brew, while fruity ingredients will take the longest.

Peach Mango Cold Brew tea from Teapigs contains white hibiscus, apple, sweet blackberry leaves, chicory root, citric acid, beetroot and natural peach and mango flavourings. Box contains 10 tea bags (or tea temples, as Teapigs calls them). It smells super intense, sweet, with fruity peach and mango notes.

peach mango cold brew tea

How to make Peach and Mango Cold Brew tea?

So how to make a proper cold brew tea? Even though the instructions suggest using up to 500 ml of water and steeping in cold water for only 7 minutes, this method may not offer enough flavour for all tea drinkers. As mentioned earlier, fruit blends are unlikely to brew into a strong cup of tea if you use cold water. This is true for specially crafted blends too. Therefore, this tea is better steeped in 200-400ml of warm water, and then topped with ice. This method too, will give a flavour lighter than regularly brewed tea, but it will be slightly more intense. Keep that in mind if you prefer stronger flavours.

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Once brewed, the scent is all about peaches. Flavour is light though, so if you like lighter flavour, you'll like this tea too. It has a light zesty note, a light mango note and a dominant peach note. It leaves a sweet fruity aftertaste. Peach Magno Cold Brew tea is very easy to drink and very easy to make. It doesn't need any sweeteners, and adding some would only overpower the flavour.

cold brew teapigs

Who would like this tea? Tea drinkers that want a light refreshing summer drink with no calories. This blend is great is for adding more flavour to your water, especially in summer. It's also a healthier drink than soda. You will like this blend if you like to drink flavoured water, and if you love peach and mango flavours. Individual packaging makes it great for takin on holidays too.

However, if you are expecting strong and flavoured blend similar to a properly brewed peach hot tea or peach teas, it may not be flavourful enough for you to truly enjoy it.

Tea Recap

Water or milk? Water

Day or night? Day or night

Hot or iced? Cold

Sweetened or pure? Pure

Caffeine? No.

What's the price? 4.70 GBP.

Where to buy? Get it from Ocado.

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