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The Butler Earl Grey Tea and the Gang

is a classic tea, yet there are hundreds of variations, each with its own personality. What are especially good at is taking classic teas and infusing them with the most loveable personality ever. The Butler is no exception. It's a classic tea, crafted to be loved.

The Butler Tea and the Gang

What's in The Butler?

Remember The Pinup, a classic vanilla with an alluring vanilla scent and flavour? It wasn't only the quality black tea and vanilla pieces that made it so good. Calendula petals and jasmine flowers made it pretty, too. The Butler is following the same recipe – great Ceylon black tea leaves flavoured with natural bergamot flavour and a few carefully chosen ingredients – sunflower petals and lime leaves.  

Tea and The Gang The Butler

It's available in as loose tea in pyramid and pouches. Tea bags contain a very generous quantity of loose tea and enough space for tea leaves to expand. Although there's a lot of difference between tea bags and loose tea, in this case, the only difference between loose tea and tea bags is the brewing method. Quality is the same for both.

earl grey loose leaf tea bag

This tea has a very intense bergamot scent and a deep black tea base. It's sharp and aromatic with a touch of sweetness. Freshness comes from Ceylon black tea, which is typically brisker and brighter than many other black teas.

What does it taste like?

To make a cup of this tea, bring fresh water to a boil and steep 1 tea bag or 1 teaspoon of tea leaves in a cup of water for 3-4 minutes.

brewint black tea

Even though the scent is very intense, it's a very mellow tea. Bergamot is not overpowering, not dominant. It perfectly balances the black tea base and offers an unmistakable earl grey flavour. However, it may be good to pay attention to the brewing time, as over brewing may reveal some astringency.

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Because of the fresher Sri Lankan black tea as the base, this tea is great for adding either or lemon. A splash of milk will mellow down any potential astringency and add a creamy touch, with an aromatic bergamot bottom note and a hint of lime leaves. This also makes it an excellent breakfast or afternoon tea. is the best sweetener for this tea, especially if you add lemon. With milk, you could even avoid sweeteners as the milk itself will add enough natural sweetness. However, you don't need to add any condiments, as this tea doesn't really need any.

the butler earl grey with milk

This earl grey would be an amazing , hot earl grey lattes including London Fog, and it would be equally great for making iced teas with lemon. It's a perfect choice for making earl grey based drinks.

It has just the right balance of bergamot and black tea. If you love traditional earl grey, you'll like this tea too.

Tea Recap

Water or milk? Water or milk

Day or night? Day

Hot or iced? Hot or cold

Sweetened or pure? Pure or sweetened

Caffeine? Yes

What's the price? From £3.49 (different options available)

Where to buy? Get it from Tea and the Gang website or Amazon

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