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Yummy, indulgent and (mostly) calorie-free chocolate tea blends to try and enjoy.

chocolate tea

Tea Time Just Got Sweeter: 6 Ways to Make Chocolate Tea

Are you a tea lover with a sweet tooth? Or a chocolate fanatic looking for new ways to indulge? Look no further because we have the perfect solution: chocolate infused tea. Although…

tea mocha

How to Make Tea Mocha

Love chocolate? Love tea? Adore lattes? If the answer is yes to all these questions, you will absolutely LOVE tea mocha. How to make tea mocha at home? Here’s a simple recipe.…

Chocolate milk tea

How to Make Chocolate Milk Tea

Somewhere between chocolate, milk and tea is a delicious tea infused chocolate or chocolate enriched tea – whichever you prefer. If you are looking for a caffeine boost or added benefits and…

Charlie's Dream Chocolate Cream tea

Charlie’s Dream about a Cup of Chocolate Cream

Super chocolaty, creamy and rich, Charlie’s Dream tea from The Tea Crew is crafted to make all your chocolate dreams come true. To enjoy this chocolate dream, you don’t need to win…