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Carrot Cake and tea

It's no secret Carrot Cake is one of the most popular American and British cakes of all time. But a less know fact is that it's also one of the most popular dessert tea flavours. After all, if there are carrot cake flavour drops for cooking, why there wouldn't be a carrot cake tea too?

What is Carrot Cake tea?

Carrot Cake is a loose leaf flavoured blend from , inspired by one of the most beloved cakes. This rich and moist cake is one of the rare dessert made with vegetables. Just like the cake itself, this tea blend contains real carrots, too. And not only does it contain carrots, but it's also an orange-ingredients only blend. Literally. Dry leaves look like a real dessert blend, as if you are going to brew a real cake mix.

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Carrot Cake tea contains black tea, pineapple bits, carrot bits, cinnamon, hazelnut brittle, almond slivers, orange slices, orange blossoms and natural and artificial flavourings. The scent of dry leaves is inviting and quite strong, with a slight acidity. Although oranges wouldn't usually have a place in carrot cake, in this blend they add the zestiness of the cream cheese frosting.

What's great about this blend is that offers so many opportunities for experimenting, such as lattes, rice puddings, simple syrups and ice cream.

When choosing a tea for making lattes or syrups, choose pure teas or blends with small broken leaves and intense flavour. They will make a stronger, more flavourful tea concentrate.

How to brew this tea?

Following instructions, steep one heaped teaspoon of leaves in a cup of water for 4 minutes at 98 degrees Celsius. Flavoured blends are usually always best prepared using a western brewing style – more water, about 1 teaspoon of tea leaves and a longer steeping time.

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Brewed tea smells delicious – it's creamy, buttery with hints of cinnamon, like a perfectly baked carrot cake. Flavour is light, slightly astringent, with very light sweet notes. There's a mouth drying feeling of black tea, and light warming and slightly nutty flavour. Try it with a splash of and a little bit of brown sugar for a really decadent true carrot cake in a teacup experience.

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Carrot Cake tea is light – it's not one of those intensely flavoured blends, and it may appeal more to tea drinkers that like to add both milk and a sweetener to their tea. What woud be another interesting way to brew it? Make a tea with 2 heaped teaspoons of tea leaves and top up with steamed frothed milk. This blend would be great as either a breakfast or afternoon tea.

Carrot Cake tea T2
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Tea Recap

Water or Milk? Milk

Day or night? Day

Hot or ? Hot or Iced Latte

Caffeine? Yes

Sweetened or Pure? Lightly sweetened with brown sugar.

What's the price? Starting from 9 GBP or 13 USD for a 100 grams loose leaf gift cube.

Where to buy? T2 UK website or T2 USA website



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