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The pie season wouldn't be complete without caramel apple betty. The world of teas offers flavours as exciting as the real treats, with one extra benefit – you can enjoy them all day long guilt-free. Caramel Apple Betty from the Biscuit and Brew Tea House is unlike any other caramel apple teas out there.

What is Caramel Apple Betty?

Caramel Apple Betty is an apple dessert topped with caramel custard. All apple desserts will have an apple flavour, but it's the little things that make them unique. While apple teas are not at all uncommon, liquid apple desserts still are.

Apple Caramel Betty tea is indeed a real treat. It's made with Ceylon black tea, freeze-dried apples, cinnamon, and natural flavourings. This tea smells utterly delicious, like a scrumptious warming autumnal apple pie with nutty and caramel notes. Fenugreek is not a typical ingredient in apple teas, but once you try this tea, you will want to expect it in every apple pie tea – it gives a warming, slightly nutty, sugary notes that makes this tea truly stand out.

Caramel apple betty tea leaves
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How to brew this tea?

This tea is best prepared in the standard way – by steeping one heaped teaspoon of tea leaves in a cup of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. It won't get bitter even if you over-steep it, which is a significant benefit for tea drinkers that tend to forget they were making a cup of tea. This tea is delicious on its own. Flavour feels incredibly simple, effortless, but rich and incredibly true to a real apple pie.

Another great thing about this tea is that the really shines through, with all other ingredients only enriching it, and not covering the base flavour. All of them accompany a light Ceylon base perfectly. It's lighter than a typical breakfast blend as Ceylon teas is often lighter and fresher than Assam teas, but if you like adding condiments, both sugar and are a brilliant choice. Or, even better, sweeten it with some caramel syrup.

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Caramel Apple Betty tea
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Caramel Apple Betty is great for mornings and afternoons. It would be perfect for an autumnal afternoon tea party. This is a very forgiving tea. You can over-steep it, serve with different condiments or no condiments at all. Because of its natural flavour, its great for tea drink that love both flavoured and pure teas.

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Tea Recap

Water or Milk? Water or milk.

Day or night? Day.

Hot or ? Hot.

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or with a teaspoon of sugar or caramel syrup.

Caffeine? Yes

What's the price? Starting from 4.75 GBP for a 50-grams pouch.

Where to buy? Get Caramel Apple Betty from Biscuit & Brew Tea House website.


Caramel Apple Betty tea
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