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salted caramel tea

Salted Caramel Tea – Biscuit & Brew

Salted caramel is always a delicious choice. This Salted Caramel black tea blend is blended with pink Himalayan salt and is as close to the caramel flavour as one tea could possibly…

Plum Tart tea - Biscuit & Brew Tea House

Plum Tart – Caffeine-free Dessert Tea

Less than a decade ago, a dessert teas was a refined high quality unflavoured or flavoured tea enjoyed on special occasions. But today, there’s a whole new world of dessert teas that…

Pear and Pistachio tea by Biscuit and blend

Pear & Pistachio Tea

Pears are one of those fruits that are difficult to transfer into a tea blend, but Biscuit & Brew Tea house did just that. With the Pear and Pistachio blend, they offered…

Apple tea

Caramel Apple Betty – A Must Try Apple Pie Tea

The pie season wouldn’t be complete without caramel apple betty. The world of teas offers flavours as exciting as the real treats, with one extra benefit – you can enjoy them all…

Watermelon Sugar tea

Watermelon Sugar Tea by Biscuit & Brew Tea House

What happens when you blend 10 ingredients into one summery blend that should taste like a song? Watermelon Sugar by Biscuit & Brew Tea House is a blend that can show you…