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Blue Lady Grey tea

tea is a . Citrusy and aromatic flavour make Earl Grey an Earl Grey. Even though all Earl Grey teas will have a bergamot note, they will all have their own personality, too. So does a Blue Lady Grey, a tea with lots of charm and sophisticated flavour.

What makes Blue Lady Grey tea special?

Earl Grey is one of the most popular scented/flavoured teas in the world and there are so many types to choose from a whole life wouldn't be enough to try them all. Most Earl Greys are strong, and very aromatic, and that's a part of their charm. But modern Earl Grey teas need to follow only one rule – have a recognizable bergamot flavour. Flowers, fruits and even spices may all be a part of an Earl Grey blend to make it either stronger or gentler.

Blue Lady Grey dry leaf
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Blue Lady Grey is made with a South Indian and contains flowers, bergamot and vanilla flavour. It's a bergamot scented black tea with a gentler profile than regular Earl Grey. Not only is this blend pretty, but it has a delicious scent too. It's one of those scents that will make you want to brew it immediately. It's intense, deep, sweet and floral with light bergamot notes.

How to brew this tea?

Earl Grey teas are usually strong, so 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of water will be enough to make a delicious cup. Most Earl Grey teas also have smaller leaves that will infuse into a stronger tea. You can use boiling water for this tea, and steep it for 3-5 minutes.

Blue Lady Grey
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Blue Lady Grey won't get bitter. It's a delicious, gentle tea with a delightful light citrusy and floral taste. If the classic Earl Grey is bold and sharp, Blue Lady Grey is sophisticated, cheerful, and relaxing. Even though it contains lavender, Blue Lady Grey is not a lavender tea. Lavender, vanilla and bergamot create a wonderfully balanced flavour, and none of them is overpowering or dominating.

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This tea tastes great with no condiments, but you can also use it for making a variety of drinks – from a proper or sweet tea to London fog, or even a . Although this tea is gentler than regular Earl Greys, it's still intense and deep with no bitterness, which makes it a perfect choice for adding to cocktails, cakes and making teas.

Get Inspired – Try making a Tea Syrup with Blue Lady Grey tea.

Earl Grey tea
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Who would like this tea? Blue Lady Grey is great for both tea traditionalists and tea drinkers that enjoy flavoured teas. It's a tea for daily pampering that's easy to brew and you can use it in so many ways you will always want to have some at home.

Tea Recap

Water or Milk? Both

Day or night? Day

Caffeine? Yes

Hot or Iced? Hot or iced

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or lightly sweetened.

What's the price? Starting from 6.95 USD for 1-oz loose leaf pouch.

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