Strawberry Velvet Cake Dessert Tea from Ahmad Tea

Strawberry Velvet Cake Ahmad tea

Plum Tart? Carrot Cake? Strawberry Velvet Cake? Whichever is your favourite dessert, chances are high it's already been liquified. With all these delicious teas, the real desserts may really become just an option, not a must. This comes from Ahmad Tea, and it is just perfect for a relaxed afternoon teatime when you don't want the stress of brewing.

Strawberry Velvet Cake Ahmad Tea

What is Strawberry Velvet Cake tea?

Strawberry Velvet Cake tea from Ahmad Tea is a blend of Assam and Sri Lankan teas, rose petals and strawberry and vanilla sponge cake flavouring. Two different black teas make sure this blend is both full-bodied and bright. Assam in India is famous for black teas that are typically malty and strong and are often served with a splash of . Sri Lankan teas, on the other hand, are brisk and fresh, with less body but more floral and fruity notes. Together, they make a wonderful pair that brews into a cup that's substantial, but with specific lightness. Sounds like a perfectly baked cake, doesn't it?

Strawberry Velvet Cake tea bag

Strawberry Velvet Cake is a loose tea in pyramid tea bags that allow enough space for tea leaves to fully expand. Dry leaves have a beautiful gentle strawberry and buttery notes over stronger black tea base, and that's what you'll notice immediately upon opening the box.  

Pyramid tea bags are a great option if you want to enjoy loose tea but don't have a teapot or want to make a cup of tea instantly.

What does it taste like?


Since Strawberry Velvet Cake tea is a black tea blend, brew it using freshly boiled and steep no more than 5 minutes. This tea may become bitter if over-brewed. 3 minutes will accentuate the delicate fruity and buttery notes, without making it astringent or bitter.

Ahmad tea

The first thing you will notice is an intense strawberry scent immediately as you start steeping it. This will develop into a lighter flavour, predominantly a malty and brisk black tea, with gentle strawberry and buttery notes. It brews into a stronger cuppa with red-brown colour.

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Before you even take that first sip, the colour of the tea will tell you if it will go well with milk. Teas with darker red-brown colour will usually (but not always) be better for adding milk than those with bright orange or orange-brown colour.

Strawberry Velvet Cake is not an overpowering or sweet tea, but it doesn't need any condiments either. However, it's a full-bodied and rich tea that is perfect for adding some milk and sugar. Even better, serve it with half a teaspoon of coffee creamer and sweeten with some strawberry jam.

Dessert tea blend

If you love lightly flavoured black teas, where black tea is still a dominant flavour, but elevated with additional flavour notes, you will like this tea too. It's not a fruity blend, it's a delicate, full-bodied afternoon tea blend that you can enjoy with different condiments or pure. It's a great tea for tea drinkers that want to replace their regular afternoon cuppa with a light dessert blend that is not too overpowering and has a really interesting scent and flavour. Because of the strength, this tea would be great for breakfast teatime as well.

Tea Recap

Water or milk? Water or milk.

Day or night? Day.

Hot or iced? Hot or .

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or with a teaspoon of strawberry jam or honey.

Caffeine? Yes

What's the price? Starting from 4.00 GBP.

Where to buy? Get Strawberry Velvet Cake from Ahmad Tea website or Ahmad Tea Amazon store.

Strawberry Velvet Cake tea
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