Vicky’s Sponge Cake dessert tea blend from Bird and Blend

Vicky's sponge cake tea

Dessert teas have never been more popular. From chocolate treats to irresistible cakes, there really is a perfect for everyone. Vicky's Sponge Cake tea comes from and pays a tribute to a delicious vanilla sponge cake filled with jam and whipped cream.

Vicky's sponge cake Bird and Blend

What's in Vicky's Sponge Cake tea?

Bird and Blend are famous for their dessert teas and unique flavours, and Vicky's Sponge Cake is certainly one of them. It's crafted to offer the flavours of Victoria Sponge Cake. This famous and delicious British dessert is made with a simple vanilla sponge cake filled with strawberry or raspberry jam and whipped cream. It's perfect as a daily treat or for afternoon tea times.

Vicky's sponge cake tea leaves

So, what's in Vicky's Sponge cake tea?

This loose leaf blend is crafted with Sri Lankan black tea, freeze-dried raspberries, raspberry leaves, desiccated coconut, and natural flavouring. While it may sound strange to have coconut in a tea blend that should offer flavours of vanilla and cream, it's actually a great ingredient to add a creamy touch. Sri Lankan teas are lighter and brisker than Assam teas, which is a great choice for making a whole blend lighter and fresher – just like a real sponge cake should be. And finally, there are freeze-dried raspberries that add a fruity jammy touch.

Bird and blend tea

Dry leaves smell sweet and light, with dominant raspberry notes, like a raspberry sugar candy but lighter.

What does Vicky's Sponge Cake taste like?

Vicky's Sponge Cake tea is a black tea blend, so it's quite easy to brew, but don't over-steep it to prevent bitterness. Bring fresh water to a boil and steep 1 heaped teaspoon of tea leaves for 2-3 minutes.

Since this blend contains Ceylon tea as a base, it's lighter and brisker, with dominant black tea notes, allowing fruity and creamy flavours to come through.

Dessert black tea

Although on a lighter side, this blend, indeed, has a sweet jammy sponge cake flavour. It's a very light tea, though, with dominant brisk black tea notes and light coconut and berry notes. Coconut contributes to the buttery and cake feel, but it's not overpowering the blend. While the flavour is light, it's strong enough to serve it with some or cream and sugar. In fact, this tea goes really with milk that will bring out sweet buttery notes even more. It's also suitable for making a . For a stronger flavour, use 1 ½ – 2 teaspoons of tea leaves per serving.

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There's also a light astringency that leaves a sweet aftertaste, so if you enjoy your tea with a sweetener, a teaspoon of raspberry or strawberry jam would go really well with this tea.

Vicky's sponge cake tea with milk

Vicky's Sponge Cake is one of those blends you'd want to serve at afternoon tea parties with cakes and condiments. It's great for tea lovers that like berry flavoured teas and want a blend that has a more oomph than a regular afternoon black tea blend. You'd also enjoy it if you love vanilla or coconut blends and don't want overpowering flavours that completely cover the flavour of original base tea.

Tea Recap

Water or milk? Water or milk.

Day or night? Day.

Hot or ? Hot.

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or sweetener with sugar or jam.

Caffeine? Yes.

What's the price? Starting from 3.50 GBP.

Where to buy? Get it from the Bird and Blend website.

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