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salted caramel tea

Salted Caramel Tea – Biscuit & Brew

Salted caramel is always a delicious choice. This Salted Caramel black tea blend is blended with pink Himalayan salt and is as close to the caramel flavour as one tea could possibly…

Twinings Dark Caramel Tea

Twinings Dark Caramel Tea

It’s no secret that caramel and black tea make for a perfect pair. With the No 22 Dark Caramel tea blend, Twinings took flavour experience to a whole new level. This tea…

Caramel Pudding black tea

Caramel Pudding Black Tea

Black tea and caramel make for a perfect pair. But two different caramel teas are unlikely to taste alike, no matter how similar the ingredients may be. This Caramel Pudding black tea…

Toffee Apple tea

Toffee Apple in a Cup

Summer may be the most cheerful season, but autumn is by far the tastiest. Autumn means it’s time for pumpkin pies, apple crumbles, cinnamon buns, and toffee apples. These treats are delicious,…