Strawberry Laces Tea by Birdhouse Tea Company

Strawberry Laces by Birdhouse Tea Company

There's something about strawberry laces that can transfer you straight back into childhood. Fun, sour, pretty and packed with strawberry flavour, Strawberry Laces was crafted to offer the same indulgence as the real sweets, but sugar-free.

Did it succeed?

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What's Strawberry Laces tea?

Strawberry Laces fruit tea blend contains strawberries, kiwi, apple, blueberry, hibiscus, rosehip, orange peel, fruit flavouring. The first thought was this would make for a lovely tea. It's , so it's suitable for all age groups, too. This tea was blended for tea lovers that enjoy intense scents and teas that are packed with flavour. With so many zesty and flavourful ingredients, expectations were really high.

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Does it taste like strawberry laces? This tea has enough sourness and enough fruitiness to make an excellent base to create a real liquid strawberry laces treat. Add in some freshly cut strawberries when seeping, and you won't be disappointed. Without strawberries? It needs just a tiny bit of a strawberry note.

Pretty red colour, intense scent, full flavour, and a beautiful dose of sourness make this tea great for anyone who enjoys sour treats.

How to enjoy it?

It tastes great both hot and iced. We added 2 teaspoons per cup of water to intensify the flavour and steeped for 5 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius.

This tea doesn't need a sweetener, but it would go well with a bit of honey and served over ice. Who would like this tea? Tea drinkers that enjoy fruity blends with a zesty note or hibiscus teas. It would be perfect for making iced teas or tea lemonades.

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Tea Recap

Water or ? Water

Day or night? Day

Hot or Iced? Both

Caffeine? No

Sweetened or Pure? Both

What's the price? Starting from 2.50 GBP for a 20-grams pouch.

Where to buy? Birdhouse Tea Company website


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