Caramel Pudding Black Tea

Caramel Pudding black tea

and caramel make for a perfect pair. But two different caramel teas are unlikely to taste alike, no matter how similar the ingredients may be. This Caramel Pudding black tea is simple, flavourful and elegant, extremely versatile and just perfect for daily sipping.

What is Caramel Pudding Black Tea?

Tea blends have never been as flavourful and exciting as they are today. Some blends may contain dozens of ingredients to offer flavours that are truly unique, and some may achieve a perfect balance and elegance using only a few “simple” ingredients. A couple of decades ago, only some black teas were used as a base for blending, and just by reading the ingredients list, you could get a good idea how the blend will taste. Those days are gone. Today, no two caramel teas will taste the same, even if they contain “the same” ingredients. One of the reason is a choice of the tea base.  

Caramel Pudding black tea
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Caramel Pudding black tea from is made with Kangaita black tea from Kenya. It's a high-grown tea with pretty tea leaves, robust but mellow flavour and hints of sweetness and maltiness. It's similar to a lighter malty Assam tea, with a light briskness of Ceylon teas, and deep mellow warmth. This Kangaita black tea is blended with pieces of brown sugar and coffee and caramel cubes. It's simple and elegant in both scent and appearance, with very deep and strong hints of delicious sweet caramel.

How does it taste?

To make a perfect cup, use 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves (depending on if you want to make it with or pure) and steep for 3 minutes in freshly boiled water. Caramel Pudding black tea brews into an orange-brown tea with deep caramel and cocoa scent. It has a sweet and delicate flavour that's slightly lighter than the scent, with no bitterness. All this makes it perfect for afternoon tea times when you want not only an energy boost, but a delicious and delightful flavour too. You can enjoy it pure or turn it a real indulgent treat by using caramel syrup or brown sugar instead of regular sugar or honey and adding a splash of condensed milk or coffee creamer instead of regular milk.

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Deep and sweet flavour profile makes this tea perfect for making lattes and baking with tea – it's strong enough for making a delicious or a proper tea syrup.

If you love roasted oolongs or even darker roast hojicha black teas, you will like this tea too. It's not overpowering, and it has a very long sweet aftertaste. Because it's not overpowering, it's great as a daily tea as well and great for tea drinkers that want caramel flavoured black tea that's not too intense.

Caramel black tea
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Tea Recap

Water or Milk? Water or milk.

Day or night? Day.

Hot or ? Hot, or milkshake.

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or with a teaspoon of caramel syrup.

Caffeine? Yes

What's the price? Starting from 1.29 GBP.

Where to buy? Get Caramel Pudding black tea from Tea Paradise.


Caramel Pudding loose tea
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