When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Lemon Waffle Tea

Lemon Waffle tea by BRUU

Some teas can bring out the widest smiles. And with some teas, even your personal flavour or type preferences don't matter. Is Lemon Waffle tea from one of them?

What is Lemon Waffle?

Lemon Waffle is an herbal and fruity tea from a UK based tea subscription company Bruu. It comes in a beautiful packaging, with a little card with simple brewing instructions and details attached with a small clip. Bruu has been around for quite a few years, with a mission to offer a better tasting tea. Lemon Waffle is indeed, different.

Let's start with the ingredients. Packaging states that ingredients in this blend are sourced from Costa Rica. They include apple pieces, pineapple pieces, lemon verbena, cream caramel pieces, freeze-dried lemon granules, sweet blackberry leaves, marigold blossoms and flavouring.

Dry leaves herbal tea
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Lemon Waffle is , but it does contain and sugar. Something to keep in mind if you want or need to avoid them because of allergies or personal preferences.

This herbal tea is a very pretty blend. It looks playful and colourful, lemony and cheerful. If you love lemony sweets, this blend will win you over as soon as you open a pouch. It's sweet and intense and reminds incredibly of lemony caramels.

Usually, intense scents don't always imply intense flavours, and that's ok. So how does Lemon Waffle taste like?

Lemon waffle brewed and dry leaves
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How to brew this blend?

To brew it, use one heaped teaspoon of leaves per cup of water, steeped at 98 degrees Celsius. The colour of brewed tea is as nice and the blend itself – beautiful yellow. You don't feel any of the ingredients separately, there's no intense apple, there's no intense lemon, there's no intense pineapple. Lemon Waffle is slightly sweet, with a buttery undertone, and a lemony touch. It offers a well rounded flavour, and a desire to have a cup more.

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Although this tea is great hot, try it iced. You can add a tiny bit of honey and a few sliced fresh lemons too.

Who is likely to love this tea? Tea drinkers that enjoy strong flavours, lemony and fruity blends and don't mind their tea being sweet and intense. It would be great for parties when you need a flavourful, caffeine free tea that's easy to brew and tastes good even when it cools down.

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Tea Recap

Water or Milk? Water

Day or night? Day

Hot or Iced? Both

Caffeine? No

Sweetened or Pure? Pure

What's the price? Starting from 2.95 GBP for a 14-gram pouch

Where to buy? Get Lemon Waffle from BRUU website.


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