Hide & Seek Breakfast tea – A tea that had to be found

Hide and Seek breakfast tea

Breakfast teas are anything but boring. They may all share the same name, they may all be strong and bold, but each will have a different personality. Hide & Seek Breakfast tea has its own story to tell.

What is Hide & Seek Breakfast tea?

Hide & Seek Breakfast tea from The Tea Leaf Co. is a hidden gem. is based in the UK, with a mission to offer everyone a great cup of tea, while respecting the tea tradition and people at the same time. Their teas are simple, but unique. There wouldn't be a more appropriate name for this tea than Hide & Seek.

Hide & Seek dry leaf
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So, what's the story behind Hide & Seek? In 1848, The East India Company sent a Scottish botanist to steal tea seeds, plants and production methods from China and transfer them to India. His name was Robert Fortune. After a lot of seeking and hiding, Robert Fortune was fortunate enough to succeed. Today, India is one of the most important and largest tea producers in the world. There's hardly a tea drinker that hasn't tried at least one .

Hide & Seek Breakfast tea is an Indian black tea too, named after the Robert Fortune's tea hunt. But there's an even more interesting side to this tea. Many breakfast teas are made with Indian, Chinese, Kenyan and Ceylon teas. They may be or blends. Most Indian breakfast teas are made with strong, bold, and malty Assam tea. And Hide & Seek? It comes from a family tea garden in Nagaland, an Indian state that's rarely mentioned in the world of tea. is not something you would easily find.

Nagaland black tea
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Hide & Seek, why have you been hiding so long?

Imagine a strong and malty Assam, blended with second-flush rich and muscatel Darjeeling and breezy and brisk high-grown . That's what Hide & Seek smells like. It has dark brown broken leaves with some lighter buds and greener leaves. This is a single origin tea, hand-picked, and hand rolled tea.

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Steep 1 teaspoon of tea leaves in 1 cup of water for 5 minutes at 90 degrees Celsius. This tea has zero bitterness, even if you over-brew it. It's strong and full-bodied, with deeper malty and fruity notes, but light at the same time, too.

Hide & Seek Breakfast would be great for tea drinkers that enjoy exploring pure and specialty teas, and tea drinkers that love breakfast blends that will taste great both pure and with milk. It's great for forgetful tea drinkers too – you can over-brew it and still enjoy a great cup of tea.

Hide & Seek Nagaland black tea

Tea Recap

Water or Milk? Water or milk

Day or night? Day

Hot or ? Hot

Caffeine: Yes

Sweetened or Pure? Pure or with a splash of milk.

What's the price? Starting from £4.99 for a 45-grams loose leaf tin.

Where to buy? You can get this breakfast blend at The Tea Leaf Company website.


Hide & Seek Breakfast loose leaves
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