Earl Grey Tea Pop – A Different Way of Drinking Tea

Earl Grey Tea Pop tea

is a tea on a stick. It's not a loose-leaf tea, and it's not a tea bag. It's not a tea powder either. So, what exactly is a tea pop?

What is Earl Grey Tea on a Stick?

Earl Grey tea on a stick is a crystallised with bergamot flavour pressed and shaped into a little heart tea pop that doesn't require any brewing. The idea is simply to pop them into water, and they will fully dissolve into a cup of proper Earl Grey tea.

Earl Grey Individua Tea Pops
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Earl Grey tea pop is made with low-grown Sri Lankan black tea, bergamot bits, natural flavouring and plant base stabiliser gum. It's suitable for vegetarians and doesn't contain sugar. However, since it's a black tea, it contains caffeine.

Earl Grey tea pops come in a pretty packaging, with 6 individually wrapped tea pops. One tea pop is enough to make one cup of tea.

Tea Pop offers all other traditional tea flavours as well – English Breakfast and Darjeeling black tea, Jasmine , Lemon & and fruity blends.

Crystallised black tea
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How to brew Earl Grey tea pop?

The benefit of tea pops is that you don't need to brew them. Simply pop them into a cup of hot water at 80-90 degrees Celsius and wait (and stir) until it dissolves. The cooler the water, the longer it will take to dissolve, but it will dissolve in cold water too. Flavour of this tea is light, with slight astringency, hints of bergamot and no bitterness. It's unmistakeably an Earl Grey tea, but with a lighter flavour than a regular Earl Grey blend. Since it's light, this tea is best without or sweetener.

Making Earl Grey tea on a stick
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Earl Grey tea pop is available in other styles too – effervescent tablet style and packaging and heart-shaped tea pop without a stick. Keep it away from any source of humidity and use shortly after purchase date.

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These tea pops make for a pretty gift for new tea drinkers and are suitable for traveling and office, especially if you don't have an access to a kettle or other brewing equipment but would still like to enjoy a cup of tea. It's not as strong as the usual Earl Grey tea and it would be good for tea drinkers that enjoy lighter flavours.

Earl Grey tea
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Tea Recap

Water or milk? Water

Day or night? Day

Hot or iced? Hot or Cold

Caffeine? Yes

Sweetened or pure? Pure

What's the price? Starting from 7.50 GBP

Where to get tea pops?  Get Tea Pops from Etsy.


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