10 Unicorn Tea Blends to Try if You Love Unicorns

Unicorn tea blends

Love unicorns? If the answer is YES, these unicorn blends will make you super happy. (And hydrated, of course.) Crafted with playfulness, flavour and a dash of magic in mind, unicorn tea blends are more than just ordinary blends. From colour changing abilities to colourful sprinkles and unique flavours, these 10 teas will undoubtedly add a playful spark into your tea times.

Unicorn tea blends

1. Unicorn Drank

Unicorn Drank is blended with green Sencha tea and white Bai Mu Dan tea, blue pea flowers, cornflower blossoms, mango and strawberries and flavour. What makes it magical are the colour changing butterfly pea flowers. Drink it pure and enjoy a bluish coloured tea or add some lemon juice and watch the colour change into purple. Contains caffeine.

Price: starting from 3.60 GBP for a taster pack
Where to buy: Camden Tea Shop

2. Unicorn Sencha

Unicorn Sencha may not be a colour changing blend, but it's playfulness, fruitiness and colour make it worthy of the name. This sencha is blended with rhubarb, raspberry and liquorice root, and it's sprinkled with white and pink sugar unicorns. Sencha teas are amazing for cold brewing, and because of a liquorice root, it's already naturally sweet. Contains caffeine.

Price: starting from 1.50 GBP for a sample pack
Where to buy: Black Dog Teas

3. Unicorn Brew

A proper unicorn themed afternoon tea party asks for a proper Unicorn Brew. This tea has been blended with keeping in mind what a luxurious tea party should look like. It's an herbal blend crafted with strawberry leaf, hibiscus, rose petals, sprinkles and edible gold stars.

Price: 27.84 USD
Where to buy: Anita Apothecary Etsy store

4. Unicorn Bliss

Unicorn Bliss has a similar tea base as Unicorn Brew – strawberry leaves and hibiscus, with the addition of apple pieces, rosehips, cornflower petals and three types of candy – sugar pearls, sugar stars and sugar sprinkles. This unicorn tea is caffeine free.

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Price: from 5.00 CAD  
Where to buy: T-kettle

5. Magical Unicorn Tea

For classic tea drinkers, a classic unicorn tea blended with pure leaves and colourful sugar stars ticks all the boxes. This tea is made unbroken loose leaf black tea and natural cream and caramel flavourings. Sounds like a yummy breakfast blend, doesn't it? Contains caffeine.   

Price: from 7.00 USD  
Where to buy: Nerdfelt

6. Magical Unicorn Tea – caffeine free

With the same name but completely different ingredients – this Magical Unicorn Tea is a caffeine-free fruity blend suitable for any time of the day. Blended with apple pieces, rosehips, orange peel, mango, pineapple and carrot pieces and colour-changing butterfly pea flowers.

Price: from 3.00 USD  
Where to buy: Savoy Tea Co

7. Unicorn Tea

Black tea with a chewing gum flavour? This unique tea blend would have a quite an ordinary appearance if there wasn't for little white sugar unicorns. But the chewing gum flavour is anything but ordinary. In fact, this is one of the rarer tea flavours out there. Contains caffeine.

Price: from 14.95 EUR  
Where to buy: Quai Sud

8. The Lady & the Unicorn

The Lady & the Unicorn tea has no colour changing ingredients and no sprinkles, but what makes it magical is the combination of ingredients – green and , rosehips, floral jasmine and fruity strawberry. Playful but refined, and just perfect for sunny afternoon tea parties. Contains caffeine.

Price: from 14.00 USD  
Where to buy: Jolie Tea Company

9. Unicorn Tears

For magical unicorn-themed tea parties, colour changing teas are a must. This colour changing tea is blended with , rosehips, hawthorn fruit, blue cornflowers and blue pea flowers. Add some lemon or lime juice to change the colour into purple. Contains caffeine.

Price: from 18.00 USD  
Where to buy: Par Avion Tea or Amazon

10. Unicorn

Vibrant, earthy red rooibos, Tahitian vanilla, cornflowers and safflowers and some colourful sugar sprinkles are blended into a colourful and bright caffeine free Unicorn Herbal tea blend. This tea is suitable for all age groups and for any time of the day.

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Price: from 4.25 USD  
Where to buy: Red Stick Spice Co

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