Teadrop of Peony – Alluring Lychee Tea

Teardrop of Peony lychee tea

Every cup of tea should be a treat. Lychee is one of those teas that are truly refreshing and a pure joy to drink. Add some gentle floral notes and you will get a tea that deserves to be a part of your daily self-care routine. Teardrop of Peony is just that – a delicious, gentle, and sophisticated that's a pure joy to drink.

Teardrop of peony loose leaf tea

What is Teardrop of Peony?

Teardrop of Peony is a flavoured green tea with an incredible floral and fruity scent blended with mao feng green tea, peony petals and lychee aroma. This unique tea comes from The Smallest House (), a Dutch tea shop based in Amsterdam. It's a beautiful, quite simple and a completely unique tea. While lychee teas are not a novelty (especially lychee flavoured green tea), they are not as widely available at all. Lychee tea is often a simple, 2 ingredient blend that includes only green tea base and a lychee flavour. Unlike other fruit flavoured green teas, lychee bends don't contain any lychee fruit pieces. The most common additional ingredient is rose, that goes really well with this fruit. But it's not the appearance that makes it stand out – it's the scent and flavour.

Dan lei tea leaves

What does this lychee tea taste like?

Once you try lychee tea, you will remember it forever. This tea has a very intense fruity, sweet and rosy floral scent. It's unmistakeably a lychee green tea, but with additional rosy floral notes.

Once brewed, the tea is not as intense as the scent of dry leaves. It's a delicately flavoured mellow green tea with a lighter body. Since the base of this blend is Chinese mao feng green tea rather than more common gunpowder or chun mei teas, it is lighter and may be more appealing to tea drinkers that are just starting to explore teas.

Lychee green tea

Teardrop of Peony is very easy to brew, and it won't become bitter even if you over-brew it. However, as with any green tea, it's best to keep the water temperature at 74-80 degrees Celsius and steep the tea leaves for up to 3 minutes. You can re-steep the same leaves with a slightly hotter water.

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Flavour profile makes this tea great for too, but it may be a tad too light for making a proper or sweet tea. It's best served with no condiments and enjoyed while still hot.

This tea is unique, but it's so delicate and moreish, it could easily become your favourite daily tea. It would be a brilliant choice for tea drinkers that want to create a habit of drinking unsweetened green tea, without overwhelming flavours or bitterness. Because of its unique character and lightness, it can be appreciated by experienced tea drinkers that prefer drinking pure unflavoured teas as well.

Teardrop of peony tea

Tea Recap

Water or ? Water.

Day or night? Day or afternoon.

Hot or iced? Hot or cold-brewed.

Sweetened or pure? Pure.

Caffeine? Yes

What's the price? Starting from 4.00 EUR.

Where to buy? Get Teardrop of Peony from The Smallest House website.

Teardrop of Peony Lychee tea
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